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Philip Moyer

Philip Moyer serves as a pastor at Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington, Indiana, where he leads worship, the choir ministry, and high school youth group. He is also a member/songwriter of My Soul Among Lions.

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The Water Brooks (Psalm 42)

A bit of personal testimony: Like many of you, back in September, 2021, our family got COVID. I recovered pretty quickly and went back to work after my time of quarantine. In fact, during COVID I was mostly concerned for my pregnant wife and unborn baby. But strangely... read more

“Songs of Deliverance”

Do we have a new album out? No, not exactly. But is it new to you? Possibly. Due to the fact that our latest album Songs of Deliverance has only been available on Bandcamp until now, you may not have realized this recent compilation of songs even existed. If that’s... read more

Fullness of Joy (Psalm 16)

Between the Lions talks Fullness of Joy (Psalm 16).

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Your Holy Hill (Psalm 15)

Between the Lions talks ‘Your Holy Hill (Psalm 15).’

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O Savior, Come (Psalm 14)

Between the Lions discusses the creation of ‘O Savior, Come’ (Psalm 14).

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How long, O LORD? (Psalm 13)

Between the Lions talks about How Long, O Lord.

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The Words of the LORD (Psalm 12)

Between the Lions talks The Words of the LORD (Psalm 12).

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Come Now, My Friend (Psalm 11)

Between the Lions talks about Come Now, My Friend (Psalm 11) and the second album in general.

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Rise Up, O LORD (Psalm 10)

Between the Lions talks about Rise Up, O LORD (Psalm 10).

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Zion’s Daughter (Psalm 9)

Between the Lions talks about Zion’s Daughter (Psalm 9).

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