Tim Bayly

Tim Bayly

Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church since 1996, Tim and Mary Lee have five children and lots of grandchildren. Tim's books include "Daddy Tried," The Grace of Shame," "Church Reformed," and a new book for elders. Tim spent ten years in the PC(USA) and twenty in the PCA. He's now a member of Evangel Presbytery.

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Thoughts on Grace Community Church

Likely the elders of LA’s Grace Community Church did the right thing in proceeding with worship services in civil disobedience against laws prohibiting them doing so. They did not trivialize their disobedience by drawing the line at face masks, but set a good... read more

Trinity Reformed Church Session thanks Monroe County Health Department

Here’s a PDF of the letter the session of Trinity Reformed Church sent to our county’s health commissioner expressing thanks for their work as well as concern about their future decisions. May God lead them to be wise and us to be submissive to both them... read more

The PCA is now the PC(USA): lessons from Revoice

There are historic moments in nations. We here in the United States are in such a moment today. The Greeks called these moments the kairos. A resident of the Island Nation, Shakespeare called them a “flood tide”: The enemy increaseth every day. We, at the... read more

COVID-19: it’s not about face masks, actually

Several months ago, we published here the substance of what went on to be adopted as our Evangel Presbytery Statement on Sphere Sovereignty, Worship, and COVID-19 Quarantines. In this document, Evangel Presbytery declared our commitment to civil disobedience when the... read more

Christians reviling authority: racism or face masks—take your pick

So what’s with all those videos and pics of whites taking selfies in front of burning squad cars? What’s up with their arson, looting, and riots being called “demonstrations?” Yard signs in the wilderness north of Grand Marais, Minnesota,... read more

The Biblical doctrine of elders and pastors’ authority

Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with grief, for this would be unprofitable for you. (Hebrews 13:17 ) But we request of you, brethren, that you appreciate... read more

COVID-19: the wickedness of our civil authorities

Despising authority is a besetting sin of the Church, today. Writing on fatherhood and the eldership has been difficult, knowing many will point at fathers and elders who have abused their authority, responding, “You want us to respect them?” More recently... read more

COVID-19: another pastoral letter

This is a pastoral letter to the souls of Trinity Reformed Church from Elder Brian Bailey and Pastor Tim Bayly. July 13, 2020 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We know it’s difficult to have the pastors of other churches opposing our elders’ care for... read more

COVID-19: a pastoral letter

This letter is an updated form of  what was sent to the souls of Christ Church, Cincinnati, this past week, by Pastor Joseph Bayly. Thinking it might be helpful to others, I post it here. On Friday, Clermont County, where we are currently meeting, was added to Ohio’s... read more

COVID-19 and masks: schism or disagreement

A reader over on Sanityville comments under the link to this post from Warhorn: Just a thought from the bleachers. Consider two pastors, committed to reformed worship and are in agreement on 99% of their beliefs. Both agree that we live in a time where the civil... read more

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