Tim Bayly

Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church since 1996, Tim and Mary Lee have five children and lots of grandchildren. Tim's books include "Daddy Tried," The Grace of Shame," "Church Reformed," "Elders Reformed;" and "The Helpful Marriage Book: Biblical Wisdom for Husbands and Wives." Tim spent ten years in the PC(USA) and twenty in the PCA. He's now a member of Evangel Presbytery.

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Jordan Peterson is a Wuss

Today’s conversation is all about how you can be right with God. This is a topic that I chose because I think it’s so important. I see the whole red pill movement and Jordan Peterson and all that stuff as our culture waking up to our need for law. And compared to the... read more

The Future Of Our Fight For Life

This is the second half of a conversation I had with Tim Bayly and Brian Bailey about the recently leaked Supreme Court opinion that would have the effect of overturning Roe vs. Wade if it actually stands when it is officially released. It’s nothing short of a... read more

Could Roe vs. Wade Be Overturned?

Tim Bayly and I are joined in the studio by attorney Brian Bailey to talk about the bombshell leak from the Supreme Court that has the whole media landscape up in flames. Could this really be the end of Roe vs. Wade? If so, what happens next? Where does the pro-life... read more

An end to Roe v Wade: download Alito’s draft opinion

Oh my, it seems likely the Supreme Court of the United States is about to overturn Roe v. Wade! So thankful to God, and the justices. As I tweeted just a few minutes ago, “This will not be any return to the sanctify of unborn life, but it will repeal the largest... read more

Saying goodbye to T4G

Some may have heard Together for the Gospel is splitting up. Their press release didn’t mention any possibility of a reunion, but I’d be surprised if Crossway doesn’t make it happen in a couple years. Twelve thousand together at the stadium buying... read more

Older Women Should Teach Younger Women

This is the final part of our conversation about counseling with pastor Josh Knipp, and we spend the time talking about the importance of women in the work of counseling in the church. It is essential for older women to be committed to counseling younger women in the... read more

Who is Competent to Counsel?

Pastors Tim Bayly, Max Curell, Josh Knipp and yours truly tackle the question, “Who is competent to counsel?” Romans 15:14 gives a good answer to the question, but we hope, as the puritans used to say, to “improve the text” in this episode.... read more

The PCA: old and new wineskins

Over on Sanityville, there’s been a discussion of this post on the meaning of the rejection of Revoice Side B disciplinary overtures 23 and 37 by the presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church in America. The discussion turned to matters related to church structure... read more

De-Mystifying Counseling

Pastor Josh Knipp joins us for a two-part episode on counseling. We start off with a simple question: What is counseling? Letting Go of Anxiety, with Josh and Rachel Knipp The Closing of the American Mind, by Allan Bloom And there is no creature hidden from His sight,... read more

Podcasts, punditry, and books

Christians will not survive the onslaught of the pagan hordes without reading books, starting with The Book. Maybe it’s sufficient to listen to others reading the book, but reading it yourself is better. This past week I read a large portion of Aleksander... read more

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