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Tim Bayly

After ten years in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and twenty in the Presbyterian Church in America, Bayly joined Evangel Presbytery. Resigning his call to Trinity Reformed Church in 2022, he's presently teaching in New Geneva Academy. Married 48 years, Tim and his wife, Mary Lee, have five children, many grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

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Sen. Josh Hawley seeks establishment of “Christian civil religion”

Here is a speech titled, “The Christian Nationalism We Need,” given July 8 by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) to the National Conservative Conference in D.C. Sen. Hawley is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. My own thoughts on the speech... read more

Christian Nationalist Party: a simple Biblical platform

Here are five planks to be published broadly by Christian Nationalist Party members. As the Christian Nationalist Party seeks to establish the reign of God and codification of His law at the center of our nation and states’ governmental authority, let it state... read more

The kindness of the Lord (25): thoughts on our Independence Day

(Twenty-fifth in a series.) Happy Independence Day! This morning I woke up thinking about the point I made yesterday in the post on false shepherds—that we hire them because we prefer their flatteries, optimism, and lies to dependence on God for His mercy and... read more

The church and the comedy club

From the pulpit, I’ve often pointed out that the preacher is the man we pay to lie while the comedian is the man we pay to tell the truth. The preacher who tells the truth and the comedian who doesn’t tell the truth will both be fired. Try to imagine a... read more

Thinking as a Christian (not a partisan)

It must be understood that the Christian faith is never owned by any king or any party. A constant temptation of Christians is to be programmed by personalities. Rather than taking cheap, easy, stupid, and faithless shortcuts, we ought to be taught how to think.... read more

Arguments over women deacons and authority

A reader of this 2008 Baylyblog article, “Helpful Presbyterion article on Romans 16:1 and woman deacons…,” wrote noting a dead link to Jimmy Agan’s article, “Deacons, Deaconesses, and Denominational Discussions: Romans 16:1 As a Test... read more

Pastors and Covid church growth

NOTE: Because of the mention of fathers communing and baptizing their own children, some might wonder whom I’m talking about? This rejection of the authority of church officers over the sacraments is everywhere, today. In fact, it is so common that I explain why... read more

True and false preachers: God’s “yes” and “no”

If one were to separate the positives and negatives in Scripture, what proportion would we say are positive and what negative? Some might quibble over the definitions of “positive” and “negative” so another way to approach the issue is asking... read more

Money at Church: supporting God’s men, hucksters, endowments, the stingy rich, and living by faith

The people of God know how to justify generosity toward themselves and stinginess toward the church and her shepherds. The Lord rebukes His people for such sin through the prophet Haggai: “Then the word of the LORD came by Haggai the prophet, saying, ‘Is... read more

Humor, laughter

“Out of My Mind” from September 1967 issue of Eternity by Joe Bayly John Updike, contemporary American novelist, describes his parents as “inclined to laugh a lot, and examine everything for the fingerprints of God.” Laughter is a gift of God, a good gift.... read more

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