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Tim Bayly

Pastor, Evangel Presbytery
VP, New Geneva Academy
Tim spent ten years in PC(USA), twenty in PCA. Now a member of Evangel Presbytery, his books include Daddy Tried, The Grace of Shame, Church Reformed, Elders Reformed, and The Helpful Marriage Book.

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Ep 1: When the church met abortion

The World We Made, Season 3, Episode 1, “When the church met abortion.”

read more

What Dad taught us

The Bayly brothers went to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to get what Dad referred to as “the union card” (an MDiv), after which we each were ordained into pastoral ministry. My first parish was two churches in the dairyland of Wisconsin,... read more

Checking in after checking out

This work of Warhorn has been put to the side the past couple months while Mary Lee and I have done something never possible before. Many pastors I know have had sabbaticals, but we haven’t had that privilege. Until now… After resigning our call to Trinity... read more

An interview with Father Bill Mouser

The show is coming back on a regular basis soon, but meanwhile, here’s a discussion on sexuality between Pastor Bayly and his old friend and comrade-in-arms, Father Bill Mouser. Find out more about Father Bill and his work here! Support our work: Support us... read more

Our condition is desperate

The triumphalism of sects of reformed Protestantism wearies me. Promising their disciples that mask protests and vaccine agitation is the next step to the millenium, and only cowards don’t see it, I keep thinking of all the zealots I’ve watched across my... read more

Churchmen possessed by political certainty: lessons from history (II)

(Second in a series.) The previous piece in this series ended by pointing out this danger among conservative reformed church officers in our post-Covid world: Today, when men who are church officers try to make themselves players on the political front, calling for... read more

The bankruptcy of intellectuals, Christian and otherwise

A couple weeks ago, James Sweet had a spontaneous but ill-considered momentary fit of truth-telling for which the educated class has abominated him these two succeeding weeks. Dr. Sweet is the current president of the professional guild of American historians calling... read more

Elder Chuck Dykstra, 1935 to 2022.

The final Sunday at Grace Presbyterian Church, my first call in the dairyland of Wisconsin, Chuck Dykstra came up to me before worship and said, “I’m angry.” Surprised, I said I was sorry. We looked at each other with love. No other words passed between us—we... read more

Proposed anti-abortion legislation in South Carolina

South Carolina is in the process of perfecting legislation they expect to adopt protecting babies from murder by abortion. Currently the following document has come out of the House Judiciary Subcommittee and will be debated by the full Judiciary Committee. Here is... read more

Churchmen possessed by political certainty: lessons from history (I)

(First in a series.) A couple days ago, Mary Lee and I were being hosted for the day by a farmer in Tuscany. He’d grown up in the nearby village, but at age eleven his parents sent him off to a Swiss boarding school. In time he’d travelled the world, then... read more

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