Tim Bayly

Tim Bayly

Tim has been senior pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington, Indiana since 1996. Married to Mary Lee, the Baylys have five children and twenty-something grandchildren. Tim's book on fatherhood is "Daddy Tried." Co-author of a book on homosexuality, "The Grace of Shame," his latest book on the Church is "Church Reformed."

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He who drives fat oxen must himself be fat…

From Baylyblog, November, 2004: (Christian Retailing reports that total sales of Left Behind books and related products have now exceeded $1,000,000,000. And while the series itself has come to an end with the issuing of the final volume this past year titled,... read more

A modicum of sanity on President Trump, please

Sometimes I wonder why such a visceral response to any slightest comment in praise or support of Pres. Trump? Not the unending visceral responses from the media; I understand their relentless snit at the great unwashed electing someone the Fourth Estate disapproves.... read more

When your child dies

Here is an account by Dad Bayly of a conversation he had with the mother of a young boy dying of leukemia. They were in a doctor’s waiting room. The mother’s little one was still living. Dad’s little one had just died. He was my almost-twin brother,... read more

Then Comes What // How to have “the talk”

Our heroes discuss how to talk about sex with your children.

read more

The biblical doctrine of burial

Scripture’s Doctrine of Burial God’s people have always buried their dead. The growth of the Christian church in the midst of the Ancient Roman Empire can be charted, geographically, by those who believed on Jesus turning from Roman cremation to Christian... read more

The biblical doctrine of Christian burial

We all have loved ones who have chosen to be cremated and there will be many more. It came on us suddenly: wham-bam and the whole country turned against Christian burial. People said their abandonment of burial had no religious significance. They said their choice of... read more

The faultless beings of the Reformed church

Some years back I read Chesterton’s The Appetite of Tyranny. The book ends with three Letters to an Old Garibaldian and this morning I was thinking about this text below which is the conclusion of the third letter (and the book). Having preached on the last half... read more

Great interview of Becket Cook by The Gospel Coalition

Over on Santifyville, a brother posted an interview done by Brett McCracken with Becket Cook, a Hollywood designer who ten years ago believed on Jesus and left the gay life. The interview titled, “From Gay to Gospel: The Fascinating Story of Becket Cook”... read more

Confessions of a repenting effeminate

NOTE: The author of this post (originally published on Sanityville) has given us permission to repost it here on Out of Our Minds. Very helpful. I hope you’ll take the time to read it. -TB I want to approach this from a couple of standpoints – first, how I... read more

Tim Challies sounds the alarm

Today, Don Carson’s fellow countryperson,1 Tim Challies, issued a cri de coeur against Amazon’s takeover of the Christian publishing industry. Through the years, I’ve read pieces Tim has written and he can be depended upon to honor the Word of God at... read more

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