Tim Bayly

Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church since 1996, Tim and Mary Lee have five children and lots of grandchildren. Tim's books include "Daddy Tried," The Grace of Shame," "Church Reformed," and "Elders Reformed." Tim spent ten years in the PC(USA) and twenty in the PCA. He's now a member of Evangel Presbytery.

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Fr. Bill Mouser anticipates the presence of the Lord

Fr. Bill Mouser has been a great encouragement to many of us for decades, now; and especially to me, personally. Back in 1997 when I took on the job of leading the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood while serving Church of the Good Shepherd (now Trinity... read more

A Christian’s Life of Repentance

 Pastor Jody Killingsworth joined us to continue our discussion of the Evangelical church. The pastors on this show all serve at Trinity Reformed Church, an Evangelical church here in Bloomington, Indiana. We are unapologetically, unequivocally, Evangelical. And yet,... read more

“AfaithfulPCA” sues for peace

NOTE: Since posting this six days ago, 1,500 views. Meanwhile, the linked post, PCA Revoice Hall of Infamy, alone has had over 7,000 views. The PCA on homosexuality: the influence of Covenant Theological Seminary… has 13,500 and Covenant Theological Seminary and the... read more

Kicking off our new podcast: Out of Our Minds!

Today we’re delighted to drop the first episode of our new podcast, Out of Our Minds. We think you’ll love it, and we hope you’ll join us for it every Thursday. The format is very simple: a few pastors walk into the studio once a week to record an... read more

The Evangelical Church: Where Are We Today?

Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining us on our very first episode of the Out of Our Minds Podcast! We sat down together to test out our equipment, but instead, we hit the record button and launched into a discussion about the state of the Evangelical Church in America... read more

Russ Moore and Prince Harry

Note: Please read the footnote in third paragraph containing an apology. Someone recently made the wise observation that Russ Moore is the SBC’s Prince Harry. Spot on. The guy who tells the Queen how much he loves her, names his baby her pet name as a child, but... read more

What should Christians think about UFOs?

Sound of Sanity talks about UFOs.

read more

Russ Moore has been bad for many years…

Almost five years ago we ran the following piece (here adding one last sentence) explaining my appreciation for Russ’s opposition to President Trump, but more distrust for him as a servant of God. Men of God must stand against the howling mobs, and as... read more

Authority in the Garden

This is where sex began. God created Eve for Adam—not Adam for Eve. God created Eve to be Adam’s helper—not Adam to be Eve’s helper. God created Adam first, then Eve; and the significance of this for the authority of the man over the woman is opened up by the Apostle... read more

Our debauched world: owning up to our responsibility…

First they called for “free love.” It was the sixties and we lusted for fornication—sex before marriage. The movement was loudest in Haight-Ashbury and Woodstock, but fornication quickly spread across the country—including the Church. Not that any church... read more

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