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Tim Bayly

Bayly spent ten years in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and twenty in the Presbyterian Church in America before joining Evangel Presbytery. He's recently taught at Bibelseminar in Bonn, Chinese Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Taipei, and presently at New Geneva Academy (USA). Bayly's books include "Daddy Tried," "The Grace of Shame," "Church Reformed," "Elders Reformed," "The Helpful Marriage Book," and "Abortion and the Church." Married 47 years, Tim and Mary Lee have five children, many grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

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Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling: an embryonic awakening

For decades, our genocidal culture has been killing around a quarter of the babies God has created and placed in the wombs of our mothers. Inured to the bloodshed of infants, the recent ruling of the Alabama Supreme Court may help to awaken us. Shocked to their core... read more

Food Fight

There are very few places as divisive in today’s church as the potluck lunch. When visitors come to our churches we are likely to hear them proclaim about their food orthodoxy before they say anything about their theology or church background. Tim and Andrew... read more

Tenth Presbyterian Church: What to learn about privacy and hiding abuse

The sins of abusers are heinous, but the sins of those who cover the sins of abusers are more heinous. For more on the scandal of Tenth Presbyterian Church, read this series on Warhorn Media. Scott Manetsch, Calvin’s Company of Pastors: Pastoral Care and the... read more

Tenth Presbyterian Church: sheep without a shepherd

(Ninth in a series.) Since the G.R.A.C.E Report prised open and released a carefully limited pile of information about the malfeasance and connivances of their pastors and elders in connection, particularly, with the sexual abuse of their sheep, much has been written... read more

Tenth Presbyterian Church and Liam Goligher: straightforward Presbyterian discipline needed

(Eighth in a series.) (NOTE: Minor edits to this post have been made following information received concerning Tenth members’ correspondence with the moderator of Philadelphia Presbytery, Ryan Egli of City Line Church, Philadelphia.) As we have seen, Tenth... read more

Tenth Presbyterian Church and Liam Goligher: the critical moment

(Seventh in a series.) It’s been seven weeks since G.R.A.C.E. released their Report documenting the betrayal of the souls of Tenth Presbyterian Church by their pastors and elders. This betrayal is most visible in the G.R.A.C.E. Report, starting with the facts... read more

Tenth Presbyterian Church Session statement revealing

(Sixth in a series.) Below is the transcript of the statement the Session of Tenth Presbyterian Church wrote and posted on Vimeo, explaining why they cancelled the congregational meeting they’d called for this past Sunday, January 7, 2024. In this article, I... read more

Tenth Presbyterian Church cancels congregational meeting: Tenth’s session must resign

(Fifth in a series.) The Session of Tenth Presbyterian Church (Presbyterian Church in America) has betrayed their trust to guard their sheep. For them to present themselves now as “lovers” of their sheep and the adults in the room who can be trusted—making... read more

Tenth Presbyterian Church Session issues statement on their cancellation of congregational meeting

(Fourth in a series.) Christian organizations and church officers often take down statements they have, at first, made publicly. Thus during conflict, they control information. For the permanent record then, this is the transcript of the statement the Session of Tenth... read more

New Year’s resolutions for the sheep

Since my shepherd keeps watch over my soul as a man who will give account to the Chief Shepherd, I recommit myself to submit to him, seeking his growth and wellbeing, and thereby our flock’s growth and wellbeing. To that end, I make the following resolutions: I... read more

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