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Tim Bayly

Tim spent ten years as a pastor in the PC(USA), twenty in the PCA, and now is a member of Evangel Presbytery. He is the vice president of New Geneva Academy and the author of Daddy Tried, The Grace of Shame, Church Reformed, Elders Reformed, and The Helpful Marriage Book.

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Russian peasants and American marines

Here’s an excerpt from the fifth volume of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s magnum opus, a lengthy history of the Russian Revolution titled The Red Wheel. Note the revolutionaries’ utter disdain for the peasants, and thus the soldiers they were depending... read more

What faithful preachers need from their sheep

Having twice preached through the book of Acts, something I found remarkable there is burned into my heart. Consider the faithful support and defense preachers received from their brothers and sisters in Christ from the beginning of the Christian Church. Go over the... read more

The kindness of the Lord: our county supervisor (19)

(Nineteenth in a series.) The story of the county supervisor needs to be filled out more. You’ll remember she was the Search Committee member who hosted her committee’s interview of Mary Lee and me in her comfortable home; and that, as the interview began,... read more

Conversion, not catharsis

Tim, Jake, and Nathan begin this episode with a seemingly simple question: how can you really know your sin and also have hope? As the conversation evolves, they try to get to the bottom of the difference between real conversion and fake emotional catharsis. Plus,... read more

Chinese translation of “Daddy Tried”

Here is a Chinese translation of Daddy Tried:爸爸盡力了_ 戰勝做父親的種種失敗 The translation was done by Mrs. Jason (Chen) Chen during all her free time while raising her three babies and toddlers, as she and her husband plant a Chinese church in Bloomington. Chen did this as an... read more

The kindness of the Lord: Mormons and secondhand witness (18)

(Eighteenth in a series.) The first or second Lord’s Day in Wisconsin, it was Sunday afternoon or Monday that I got a call from a woman who had served on the Search Committee and was a county supervisor. At the time, I trusted her. A few months earlier, before... read more

Do women commune with God?

This post by a woman named Lisa Harris is making the rounds of social media. A dear sister posted it to my FB page and I quote it here to explain my lengthy response: THIS HIT ME HARD. Have you ever noticed how in the scriptures men are always going up into the... read more

America is going the way of Russia

We can learn a lot from what happened in post-Soviet Russia society. They tried the whole cut-men-out-of-everything thing. It didn’t work. And it had repercussions. And we can learn what happens when we reject authority (hint: maybe we get Joe Biden for a while,... read more

Keller, worship, and truth, beauty, and goodness

Recently, Mary Lee and I watched The Walk documenting Philippe Petit’s 1974 wire-walking between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The movie was pretty good. Petit was typecast accurately and much was made of his artistic pretensions repudiating any... read more

The kindness of the Lord: vacuum cleaners save the day (17)

(Seventeenth in a series.) The town church was steeped in pride and doctrinal and moral failure. We’d not known this when we took the call, but it wasn’t long until the facts were clear. As soon as we arrived, we noticed the people of the church avoiding... read more

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