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Andrew Dionne

Andrew Dionne is the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He also serves as the president of New Geneva Academy. He has six children and a lovely wife.

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Flee Moscow’s paedocommunion

…why should we offer poison instead of life-giving food to our tender children? – John Calvin condemning paedocommunion Each of us has spent significant time the past couple of years warning brothers and sisters in Christ against Moscow’s promotion of... read more

Money at Home: marital conflict, stewardship, family size, education, marital freedom

Out of Our Minds Podcast: Pastors Who Say What They Think. For the love of Christ and His Church. Out of Our Minds is a production of New Geneva Academy. Are you interested in preparing for ordained ministry with pastors? Have a desire to grow in your knowledge and... read more

A Few Good Men

Parachurch ministries, political causes, and entrepreneurial enterprises seduce good men away from giving their lives to the Church and her pastoral work. How do we attract young men to the work of the Church during the formative years of their lives? College... read more

The Presumptuous Parachurch

The parachurch was an innovation of entrepreneurially-minded Christians during the twentieth century. They considered the Church to be old and in the way. Efficiency was the gospel need of the day, so cumbersome mechanisms like denominations, ordination, and church... read more

Food Fight

There are very few places as divisive in today’s church as the potluck lunch. When visitors come to our churches we are likely to hear them proclaim about their food orthodoxy before they say anything about their theology or church background. Tim and Andrew... read more

Children and danger (Part 2)

Andrew Henry, Tim & Mary Lee Bayly continue their conversation on children and danger, turning in this episode to speak of the dangers of sexual sin. How do we keep our children safe from sexual predators? How do we stay vigilant and responsive, doing the... read more

Repentance for abortion in China and America (pt. 2, Ensor interview)

John Ensor (President of PassionLife), Ben Sulser (of Church of the King in Evansville, IN, and Ensor’s son-in-law), and Tim Bayly continue their conversation on abortion. The first half of the conversation roamed afield as we discussed singleness, womanhood,... read more

Raising daughters, singleness, and preaching on abortion (Part 1)

John Ensor (President of PassionLife), Ben Sulser (of Church of the King in Evansville, IN, and Ensor’s son-in-law), and Tim Bayly sat down and talked. We’ve broken the conversation into halves. This first half roams afield as we discuss singleness,... read more

The Christian Virtue of Saying No

It is hard to say no in any context—especially to our children. Saying no is perceived as a denial of the power of God, a moralistic unkindness, or a lack of compassion. Regardless, we must be prepared to say no—as God does to us in His Word. In this episode of Out of... read more

Children and danger (Part 1)

Our children are in danger everywhere, both outside and inside the home. Some parents are oblivious to physical dangers; others desire to wrap their children from head to toe in bubble wrap before they send them out to play. Overprotection can sissify children,... read more

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