We live in a crazy time. Up is down, down is out, left is right, right is wrong, and wrong is celebrated.

It’s time for the Church of Jesus Christ to wake up and lead. To call the world to repentance. For Christian men to act like Christian men, and Christian women to act like Christian women. Ordinary Christians need to be equipped to live ordinary Christian lives in an anti-ordinary world.

THE Mission

Warhorn Media is here to help do that equipping. Modern life isn’t simple, and we’re here to help you navigate it with grace and humility, courage and conviction, truth and compassion.

This means Warhorn Media leaves no stone unturned. No topic is off limits. From current events to raising your family to the latest Star Wars to your favorite novel to the latest theological controversy, we’re there working hard to help you think and live as a Christian.

Our team includes pastors that are repenting old hippies and repenting new hipsters, lawyers and politicians that are…well, repenting lawyers and politicians, and unrepentant (or sorta repentant) poets and artists.


When the Apostle Paul went to a new city, he didn’t drop a letter in the town square and walk away. What he did do was go where people were gathering. He went to the synagogues and the marketplaces and the centers of public discourse.

Warhorn Media wants to do everything in our power to take the Word of God to the people. In the same way that the Reformers of the 16th Century used the printing press, we see embracing the new media (with discernment, of course) as an opportunity to follow the example of the Reformers (not to mention the Apostle Paul) in finding creative ways to meet people where they gather.

From traditional media like books and articles to new media like podcasts and Facebook Live shows…we’re taking the message to the people.


The Warhorn was originally two pieces of paper, a recycled sermon, and a couple of staples. It was a small print magazine we started to get the word out on the music and books we were creating, along with the conferences hosted by the church we call home (that’s right, we’re not a para-church organization).

Now we’re online and we’re into everything. Books, music, podcasts, blogs—you name it. And we do it as confessionally reformed, culturally engaged Christians.

So click around. Figure out what you like and what’s helpful. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And, just between us—our little secret—you can still find archived copies of the magazine that started it all if you look carefully enough.


This is a new model, and it’s not lucrative. Of course, that’s not the point. But finding a stable way of maintaining this work is a challenge. That’s why we need your help. That’s why we need your money. We hope you will consider standing with us and providing support for this vision.

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