Joseph Bayly

Joseph Bayly is the founding pastor of Christ Church in Cincinnati, OH, and acquisitions editor for Warhorn Books.

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MGTOW and Red Pill—a primer for the future

(NOTE: This is part of a series titled, “The state of our disunion.”) Feminism is untenable. It will collapse. Whether it will collapse before or after its final merger with its sister ideology, liberal wokeism, is less certain. Regardless, its end is not... read more

Man and Woman in Christ now available (including free electronic versions)

Read Book Buy Book We are pleased to officially announce the release of Warhorn Media’s republication of Man and Woman in Christ by Stephen B. Clark. You can read about why we put time, money, and energy into republishing this 41-year-old book here. During the month... read more

Help Warhorn Republish Man and Woman in Christ

The Warhorn team is launching a campaign to help fund the republication of Man and Woman in Christ by Stephen B. Clark. This essential book on biblical sexuality is needed now more than ever…

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The limits of loyalty

In 1974 the Ethiopian imperial regime under Haile Selassie was overthrown. Not only was emperor Selassie arrested and later presumably murdered, but many others were as well, including dozens of officials who had been loyal to the emperor. It was followed by the... read more

Doug Wilson’s confession of faith

When it comes to masks, Pastor Doug Wilson first presents as a modest man. He says the practice of mask-wearing at his church (wear one if you want) is “the way of love.” He says he is “trying to maintain the bond of peace within our own ranks during this trying... read more

Encryption is more important than the Second Amendment

I understand the desire to protect the Second Amendment from further erosion, but the real purpose of the Second Amendment is not guns. Those who lose track of that fact are being short-sighted indeed.

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Why aren’t our podcasts on Spotify?

It seems like Apple and Spotify are basically the same. So why do our podcasts show up in Apple’s podcast directory, but not on Spotify?

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How should churches think about reopening?

Here in Ohio, the recent public health stay-at-home orders explicitly exempt churches. Still, for a variety of reasons, here on the east side of Cincinnati, Christ Church has not been meeting in person. One of those reasons is that the school we meet in will not allow... read more

Who’s really (in)sane?

The World says you’re insane. Christians say you’re insane. You’re not insane.

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Calling All Citizens of Sanityville

Tim Bayly isn’t the only one who has been hard at work recently, and we have some exciting news to prove it. Next month, Warhorn Media will be launching an online community for all our wonderful readers, listeners, and supporters. We’re calling it... read more

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