Joseph Bayly

Joseph Bayly is the founding pastor of Christ Church in Cincinnati, OH, and acquisitions editor for Warhorn Books.

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Who’s really (in)sane?

The World says you’re insane. Christians say you’re insane. You’re not insane.

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Calling All Citizens of Sanityville

Tim Bayly isn’t the only one who has been hard at work recently, and we have some exciting news to prove it. Next month, Warhorn Media will be launching an online community for all our wonderful readers, listeners, and supporters. We’re calling it... read more

In defense of judging motives

How have we gotten to the point that doing what Jesus did in order to fight Phariseeism gets you accused of being a Pharisee?

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Revoice Reviewed: PCA Pastor Greg Johnson

Watch as Pastor Johnson weaves his web, mesmerizing Revoice’s LGBTQ sexual minorities by confirming them in their bondage.

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Revoice Reviewed: Tushnet says gay desires legitimized by Scripture

Tushnet sees gay, same-sex love between Jesus and John because she and the men and women of Revoice are in bondage to gay, same-sex desire.

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Ellos Son Mis Hijos

por Joseph Bayly | 15 de septiembre de 2015 | Out of Our Minds | “¿El negro?” Me reí. Estaba en el medio de la selva etíope. Aparte del misionero que me había llevado hasta allí, era probabemente la única persona blanca en cien kilómetros. Indudablemente,... read more

No more friends, no more walks, no more happiness

Ah, friendship! A couple of years ago, Christians began talking about the necessity of allowing two men with homosexual desire to be best friends, rely on one another, spend time alone with one another, live with each other, even make life-long covenants with one... read more

Subordination in the Trinity: The original position of non-Arians

There is a long history of godly theologians rejecting Arianism while acknowledging subordination in the Trinity.

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If we follow faithless spies, our children will become prey

First they passed laws forbidding us from calling transgender teens to repentance. Then they started taking kids away from faithful parents. Why is this shocking to us? What did we expect?

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Was Jesus tempted homosexually?

On The World We Made, and again in The Grace of Shame, we made the claim that avoiding homosexual acts is not “enough.” Homosexual desire itself is sinful and needs to be repented of. It’s an unpopular position. In fact, some of those who claim to... read more

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