Joseph Bayly

Joseph Bayly is the founding pastor of Christ Church in Cincinnati, OH, and acquisitions editor for Warhorn Books.

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Ellos Son Mis Hijos

por Joseph Bayly | 15 de septiembre de 2015 | Out of Our Minds | “¿El negro?” Me reí. Estaba en el medio de la selva etíope. Aparte del misionero que me había llevado hasta allí, era probabemente la única persona blanca en cien kilómetros. Indudablemente,... read more

No more friends, no more walks, no more happiness

Ah, friendship! A couple of years ago, Christians began talking about the necessity of allowing two men with homosexual desire to be best friends, rely on one another, spend time alone with one another, live with each other, even make life-long covenants with one... read more

Was Jesus tempted homosexually?

On The World We Made, and again in The Grace of Shame, we made the claim that avoiding homosexual acts is not “enough.” Homosexual desire itself is sinful and needs to be repented of. It’s an unpopular position. In fact, some of those who claim to... read more

Superman, womb transplants, and reality

With the advent of womb transplants in a world of transgender insanity, it was inevitable that the question would arise. Can a man be given a womb and give birth? According to one doctor, the answer is “You could do it tomorrow.” There is some fine print, such as an... read more

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