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Andrew Dionne

Andrew Dionne is the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He also serves as the president of New Geneva Academy. He has six children and a lovely wife.

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Repentance for abortion in China and America (pt. 2, Ensor interview)

John Ensor (President of PassionLife), Ben Sulser (of Church of the King in Evansville, IN, and Ensor’s son-in-law), and Tim Bayly continue their conversation on abortion. The first half of the conversation roamed afield as we discussed singleness, womanhood,... read more

Raising daughters, singleness, and preaching on abortion (Part 1)

John Ensor (President of PassionLife), Ben Sulser (of Church of the King in Evansville, IN, and Ensor’s son-in-law), and Tim Bayly sat down and talked. We’ve broken the conversation into halves. This first half roams afield as we discuss singleness,... read more

The Christian Virtue of Saying No

It is hard to say no in any context—especially to our children. Saying no is perceived as a denial of the power of God, a moralistic unkindness, or a lack of compassion. Regardless, we must be prepared to say no—as God does to us in His Word. In this episode of Out of... read more

Children and danger (Part 1)

Our children are in danger everywhere, both outside and inside the home. Some parents are oblivious to physical dangers; others desire to wrap their children from head to toe in bubble wrap before they send them out to play. Overprotection can sissify children,... read more

The religion of Climate Change

Pastor Tim sat down again with pastor and economist Jürgen von Hagen to discuss the religion of global warming. It is the nature of mankind to want to be involved in something big. What’s bigger than acting to save the Earth? Yet, basing our actions and... read more

Immigration and refugees with guest Rev. Dr. Jürgen von Hagen

Out of Our Minds is back. Andrew Henry is our new co-host, but this episode Pastor Bayly is with Pastor Jürgen von Hagen and, because Tim and Jürgen were up in Michigan, Andrew was not able to join them. Our subject is refugees, immigration, and migration. Out of Our... read more

Does it take a church to raise a child?

Out of Our Minds is back with a new voice. Mr. Andrew Henry—entrepreneur, musician, and all-around curious man—will join Pastor Tim Bayly for the upcoming episodes. Sometime soon we’ll have Mr. Henry introduce himself on the podcast. Today’s episode... read more

New Geneva Academy: training worship and music pastors

John Calvin and his Company of Pastors in and surrounding Geneva five centuries ago were long engaged in fighting a number of different worship wars.1 Much like today, the leading men of their parishes put constant pressure on Calvin and his fellow pastors to keep... read more

Homosexuality/Revoice: Missouri Presbytery is Covenant Seminary’s mouthpiece

Back in 1994, Missouri Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America received their first report from a study committee on homosexuality titled, “Faithfulness to God’s Standards: The Lord’s Calling to Homosexually-Inclined Christians.” All... read more

Breaking down Moderator Donahoe’s appointments to the Revoice study committee

A few days ago, Ruling Elder Howie Donahoe, moderator of the 47th PCA GA, announced his appointments to the Ad Interim Study Committee on Sexuality. Seven men are on the committee, some well-known and some otherwise. Here’s a breakdown of the men and their... read more

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