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Andrew Dionne

Andrew Dionne is the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He also serves as the president of New Geneva Academy. He has six children and a lovely wife.

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New Geneva Academy: training worship and music pastors

John Calvin and his Company of Pastors in and surrounding Geneva five centuries ago were long engaged in fighting a number of different worship wars.1 Much like today, the leading men of their parishes put constant pressure on Calvin and his fellow pastors to keep... read more

Homosexuality/Revoice: Missouri Presbytery is Covenant Seminary’s mouthpiece

Back in 1994, Missouri Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America received their first report from a study committee on homosexuality titled, “Faithfulness to God’s Standards: The Lord’s Calling to Homosexually-Inclined Christians.” All... read more

Breaking down Moderator Donahoe’s appointments to the Revoice study committee

A few days ago, Ruling Elder Howie Donahoe, moderator of the 47th PCA GA, announced his appointments to the Ad Interim Study Committee on Sexuality. Seven men are on the committee, some well-known and some otherwise. Here’s a breakdown of the men and their... read more

Criticized for defending Revoice, Jeff Meyers goes tribal

In response to Toby Sumpter’s recent mea culpa, Rev. Jeff Meyers took issue with our observation (linked in Toby’s blog post) that five of the eight men he appointed to the Missouri Presbytery Committee tasked with investigating Greg Johnson and Memorial... read more

PCA General Assembly: Two videos tell the story

The PCA is sick and nothing other than the Spirit working through the denomination will save her. The good-ol-boys network has failed to bring reformation. Now, reliance on the Lord through prayer and the use of the actual mechanism of church discipline will need to be taken up.

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Missouri Presbytery Revoice Report: a close reading (18); Revoice built on one big lie

It’s inconceivable to establishment men that any of their critics has serious motives. Keep in mind that these men of Missouri Presbytery are the establishment of the PCA. It is their job to defend the respectability of the PCA, Missouri Presbytery, Covenant Theological Seminary, and the large wealthy churches around the country whose pastors got their MDivs at Covenant over the course of the past quarter-century.

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PCA General Assembly: A tale of two study committees…

The base strategy of rich liberal pastors and denominational leaders is dressing up the latest social justice fad in Biblical drag. It will never end. Look to rich men for leadership and they’ll lead you into the same betrayal of Scripture that got them lots of money and very large congregations.

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Missouri Presbytery Revoice Report: a close reading (17); one-sided warnings

Missouri Presbytery never stops faulting Revoice’s critics. When one thinks of all the verses they might have quoted warning their own Missouri Presbytery Revoicers, then the absence of such warnings in 143 pages of text, their project is clarified.

This is not to say warnings aren’t needed or heeded by us and Revoice’s other critics.

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Missouri Presbytery Revoice Report: a close reading (16); it’s all about tone

Missouri Presbytery’s pastors here justify their cowardice by pointing out how gentle, reasonable, and ever-so-humble they are while the shepherds who criticized Revoice are (and we list them in order)…

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Missouri Presbytery Revoice Report: a close reading (15); No, I didn’t mean you!

Revoice calls good what Scripture and our confessional Westminster Standards call evil. Revoice blesses what God curses. Revoice is intentionally promoting schism within the Church, seeking to draw out disciples from among the people of God. They are men who have arisen among us seeking sheep they may devour, and Missouri Presbytery is happy to oblige. Missouri Presbytery refuses to keep watch over these sheep, cozying up to the wolves instead.

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