Jürgen Von Hagen and Tim Bayly return to the studio and do some follow-up work on the war in Ukraine. Then they cover numerous other geopolitical, economic, and societal issues:


Is America an empire

Letters from listeners

Milton Friedman and the welfare state

Immigration and skilled/unskilled labor

What is the value of human life?

Under the Third Reich, the United States barred Jews from immigrating here

Impact of American isolationism on the American economy

Trade regime

Changes in the relationship of Taiwanese and Chinese economies

War in Ukraine being closely watched by China

American support for Ukraine indirectly supports Taiwan

Russian culture and Stalin, Chinese culture and Chairman Mao, German culture and Hitler

Were Nazis Martians, or Germans?

East German identity and West German identity

Patriotism in Europe vs America

Love for Fatherland and Christian nationalism

Origin of right-wing (AFD) in Germany today

Oliver Cromwell and Christian nationalism

Don’t ever give any economic forecast

The US economic future

German infrastructure failing but no government wants to cut social welfare benefits

Russian demographics and Putin’s aggression

American economy and growing wealth inequality

Murray’s “Coming Apart”; Belmont and Fishtown

Professors’ pay at American vs European universities

Professors’ pay at Christian colleges


Choosing the church over the university


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