2.3. Everything is possum

2.3. Everything is possum

When Chip McGregory returns to church, chaos ensues, and Lance Redford finds himself fighting for Chip’s right to be there at all.

Music: One Hundred Strings-15074 by Secession Studios. Something Wicked by Ross Bugden. Farewell by Whitesand. Beautiful Sad Piano Music by Ender Guney. A War Without End by Emperor Dinko. Classic Horror 3 by  Kevin MacLeod. Perséphone by Sundance.  Solemn Choral Piece No. 1 by Steven O’Brien. Court and Page by Silent Partner. Dark Horror Theme by Vivek Abhishek. Alone in Darkness by Marc v/d Meulen. Winter is Coming by Audiobinger. Minimalism 1 by Royalty Free World. 

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