Nathan Alberson

Nathan Alberson is co-founder and creative director of Warhorn Media. He hosts three podcasts—The Bookening, The World We Made, and Sound of Sanity.

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116. Good Country People (with David Kern)

David Kern of Close Reads joins our heroes for a discussion of Flannery O’Connor’s Good Country people.

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SAM: Citizen Kane

Sound of Sanity reviews Citizen Kane, the greatest movie of all time?

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115. A Good Man is Hard to Find

Our heroes provide much needed context for Flannery O’Connor’s masterwork.

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Election Day

Should Christians vote?

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114. Frankenstein (1931 film)

Our heroes discuss Frankenstein, the movie (1931).

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113. Frankenstein, Part 2

Our heroes reach consensus on Frankenstein.

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Hell houses and Hallelujah nights

How do Christians celebrate Halloween? With Hell houses or Hallelujah nights?

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112. Frankenstein, Part 1

Our heroes read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

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SAM: Dracula (1931)

Our heroes talk Dracula and vampires.

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