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Sanity at the Movies: Dracula (1931)

Our heroes talk Dracula and vampires.

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60. No, really, Netflix is evil

Our heroes revisit the question of how to be discerning on Netflix. And whether to have it (and things like it) at all.

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59. The gaze of The Gospel Coalition

Our heroes engage with another lousy article by The Gospel Coalition and Brett McCracken.

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Sanity at the Movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sanity at the Movies reviews Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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57. The horror of Netflix!

A new article by USA today says Netflix is evil. What’s a Christian to do??????

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56. Like arrows in the hands of Hawkeye

Sound of Sanity engages with a ridiculous article from Christ and Pop Culture.

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55. Facebook sadness

In this episode our heroes discuss Facebook.

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54. Someone special

Jake, Nathan, and their friends deal with something big.

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Sanity at the Movies: Shawshank Redemption

Our heroes discuss a modern film classic.

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52. Disney World blues

Jake is sad because he can’t take his children to Disney World.

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