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What should Christians think about UFOs?

Sound of Sanity talks about UFOs.

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Swing Time (1936)

Sanity at the Movies reviews the classic musical Swing Time (1936).

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Checkin’ in

Sound of Sanity checks in.

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The past pain principle

Sound of Sanity premiers … the past pain principle?

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Reaping the sexual whirlwind, Part 3

The final part of our discussion with Pastor Tim Bayly on effeminacy.

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Ramble in the Bronx?

It’s a pun, you see.

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Reaping the sexual whirlwind, Part 2

What is it effeminacy, do you suffer from it, and are you a Christian if you do? These are just some of the questions Sound of Sanity examines with Pastor Tim Bayly in this episode.   Support us here! Subscribe here! Download the episode at a separate link... read more

The Matrix (1999)

Sanity at the Movies vs. The Matrix (1999).

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Reaping the sexual whirlwind

Sound of Sanity is joined by Pastor Tim Bayly for a series examining the sin of effeminacy, and, more broadly, sexual sin in the modern church.

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Chauvin trial terrible take

Sound of Sanity discusses a terrible take on the Derek Chauvin trial by none other than the SBC’s Russell Moore.

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