Katie Walker

Katie Walker is married to dashing, debonair Ben Walker. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana and works at Clearnote Church.

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How to treat a pastor’s kid

“Ohhh, you’re a PK huh? Gotta keep our eye on you.” These were the remarks from adults, not kids. The kids would ask: “Do you have the Bible memorized?” “Are you perfect?” Being a pastor’s kid can be something of a fish tank life—all eyes on the PK. Because what... read more

Monumental: 1. “Handful of Pills”

Katie tells the story of her multiple spinal surgeries, her battles with pain-killer dependence, and the father who walked her through it. Here’s an article Katie wrote for us some time ago on the same subject. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review on... read more

The Bible Offends Me, and It Should Offend You Too

I’ve realized something about myself in the last couple years I hadn’t acknowledged before—The Bible offends me. Not too long ago, my pastor preached a sermon on the Flood, and he talked about how the story offends us, but we may not realize it because when something... read more

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