Katie Walker

Katie Walker is married to dashing, debonair Ben Walker and is mother of Ilse.

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A New Generation – Veronica

Veronica shares how growing up her life was shaped and identified by divorce, how God protected her, and how He’s now given her the fruit of a godly home. Subscribe here! Listen at a different link here! read more

I Too was a Foreigner – Ilse von Hagen

Ilse Von Hagen from Germany talks about how she became a Christian while living in the US, and now she ministers to foreigners in her country.

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Love God – Love Your People – Ruby Mentzel

Ruby Mentzel looks back on her almost 90 years and does not regret her life of service to others.

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Allie Adopts the Family God Gave Her – Allie Passwaiter

Allie shares her struggle with being adopted and how God used that to lead her to faith and adopt the family God gave her.

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Max and Annie Adopt – Max and Annie Curell

Continuing our adoption series this month, Max and Annie Curell tell their story of adopting their daughter Allie!

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Bearing Fruit Through Adoption – Max and Annie Curell

November is Adoption Awareness Month and these next three weeks we’ll be doing a short series on adoption featuring the Curell/Passwaiter family! In this first episode Pastor Max and his wife Annie Curell talk about why adoption is important and how the church should think about it.

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Cancer and the Hand of God – bonus episode – Katie Crum and Valerie Killingsworth

Katie Crum shares her perspective on finding out her mom has cancer, and she and Valerie process together God’s hand in cancer.

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Cancer and the hand of God – Valerie Killingsworth

An ordinary woman with an extraordinary faith. Valerie Killingsworth talked to us last fall about her life with cancer.

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Ilse – Katie Walker

A story of how God answered Katie’s prayers.

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Hold it all with open hands – Sebra Baker

Sebra’s story illustrates what hospitality and Christian community look like.

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