Katie Walker

Katie Walker is married to dashing, debonair Ben Walker. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana and works at Clearnote Church.

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Monumental: 2. The Skater’s Story

This is the story of a girl who hung up her skates. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes, Stitcher, or Android. read more

Monumental: 1. “Handful of Pills”

Katie tells the story of her multiple spinal surgeries, her battles with pain-killer dependence, and the father who walked her through it. Here’s an article Katie wrote for us some time ago on the same subject. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review on... read more

The Bible Offends Me, and It Should Offend You Too

I’ve realized something about myself in the last couple years I hadn’t acknowledged before—The Bible offends me. Not too long ago, my pastor preached a sermon on the Flood, and he talked about how the story offends us, but we may not realize it because when something... read more

Monumental Trailer

Monumental is a small show about the big things God does in the lives of ordinary people. Each week Katie and Michal interview a different woman about a turning point in her life, something she will always remember as God’s work. Some of the stories are... read more

My Top-Ten Favorite Psalms and Why

Few books have played as integral a part in shaping my faith as the Book of Psalms. I was blessed to grow up immersed in the psalms, and they gave me an invaluable aid in my walk with God. In order to illustrate how the psalms were designed to strengthen our faith and... read more

Death Be Not Proud

I was nine years old, and mom and her friend took my sister and me to see the new Little Women in theaters. We were ecstatic to get to see a movie on the big screen, just us girls, and I enjoyed it immensely. Until, that is, the scene when Beth dies. The image was... read more

Open Letter to a Teen Planning Her Own Death

Editor’s note: for further context read this article. Dear sweet Jerika, I do not know how greatly you suffer or what it would be like to live with spinal muscular atrophy. To have a disease that destroys the nerve cells in your brain stem and spinal cord... read more

Alone at the Dance

Music and laughter filled the reception hall following the wedding as everyone gathered to eat and dance. A caller gave the next steps to the Irish Ceili as two rows of dancers stood facing each other, partners alternately meeting in the middle, linking arms and... read more


Just a few months prior to my third back surgery, I laid down for my nightly battle against the pain to find a comfortable enough position to get some sleep. With the rods in my back irritating my spine I found it excruciating to lay on my back or even lean against... read more

Eternity Etched On My Eyes

Before the surgery, my spine was curved in the shape of a C. It was twisted and it was deforming my rib cage. After the surgery, two rods, sixteen screws, and several hooks now held my spine perfectly straight. They said the next year would be a painful recovery as I... read more

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The Grace of Shame

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