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Feminism is untenable. It will collapse. Whether it will collapse before or after its final merger with its sister ideology, liberal wokeism, is less certain. Regardless, its end is not here yet. In the meantime they grow. Growing, they touch more, destroying whatever they touch. It’s easy to think that soon enough they will encompass everything.

Red Pill is a diverse movement, made up of various groups of men believing and acting very differently from one another. What binds them all together as “Red Pill” is their rejection of today’s standard understanding of sexuality and male-female relationships. Given that feminism is the current standard, red pill is, at least in theory, a rejection of feminism. Thus, men who have taken the red pill are rooting for the destruction of feminism to come sooner rather than later.

The problem with the red pill movement is that it only thinks it is opposed to feminism. In reality it has accepted feminism’s underlying philosophies—egalitarianism and self-determinism.

The soft edge of the Red Pill movement is only concerned with egalitarianism. These are the Mens Rights Activists (MRA). Equality is all they want. If men are going to be drafted, women ought to be as well. Otherwise it’s not fair. Same with female genital mutilation. If that’s not allowed, circumcision shouldn’t be allowed either. Old-school feminists can probably get on board with most of the men’s rights goals, but today, both mens rights activists and old-school feminists are vanishingly rare. The men have become mainstream Redpillers and the women have become trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs). Both acknowledge that men and women are different. Both want men and women to be equal. But they can’t work together, though they believe the same thing.

The argument between the TERF’s and the Redpillers can be boiled down to two questions. First, who is worse, man or woman? In summary, one says men are abusive, the other says women are sluts. Second, who is being treated worse, men or women? TERF’s say women have it worse. Redpillers say men are now discriminated against by society. Neither group questions the idea that men and women should be completely equal, the only question is which group needs affirmative action.

But if there are no fundamental differences between men and women, then whether you are a man or woman makes no difference. Red Pillers and TERFers both got stuck on the playground slide, arguing about whether it’s boys or girls that rule and who drools. Meanwhile, feminism grew up and got hormone therapy so there are no men or women anymore. Problem solved.

MGTOW (rhymes with fig-chow) stands for Men Going Their Own Way. It’s a part of the red pill movement made up of men who have decided that the deck is so stacked against males that they are going to check out from normal life, and in particular from relationships with women. It’s basically the Benedict Option of the red pill movement—withdraw and do your own thing. The MGTOW movement has adopted the other pillar of feminism as the center-piece of its philosophy—radical self-determinism. These guys aren’t looking for equality. They’ve given up on even having a seat at the table. This means they have a lot less to lose.

And this is where those with wisdom have looked to the future and predicted that feminism doesn’t end well for women. Because, contrary to feminism’s claim, men and women are actually different, and in particular, men are stronger and have less natural compassion. Pushing men to the breaking point is not a good activity.

And that’s what is happening. When women are excused from upholding any societal values related to their sexuality, then many men are going to look at the restraints put on their own sexuality by society as a whole and say, “That’s not fair.” If women are free to have sex with whomever they want, and decide on their own whether to keep the baby or not, men are understandably going to question whether they should be on the hook for providing for that woman and child. If she owes him nothing, then he owes her nothing either.

The end result is that men will use their strength to their advantage against women.

Let’s take a step back from that predicted future, though. If there is a future January 6th-like moment coming, with feminism in the role of capitol in the drama that unfolds, what happens first?

The answer is straightforward. Resentment builds between men and women. And it builds in two ways. The first is by people being hurt. Men hurt women, and women hurt men. Feminism, as a philosophy hurts everyone, but men blame women for the things they suffer, and women blame men for the things they suffer. The second way that resentment builds is that people get egged on. Women are told by their friends that their husband and children are holding them back. So they walk out. Men are told that women are sluts, so they treat them like it.

And just like Trump won an election based on resentment, so MGTOW will win the hearts of those disenchanted by feminism’s failure and abuse. Resentment between men and women will grow before feminism falls, and the man with eyes to see will recognize resentment in himself.

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