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SAM: Citizen Kane

Sound of Sanity reviews Citizen Kane, the greatest movie of all time?

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Election Day

Should Christians vote?

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Hell houses and Hallelujah nights

How do Christians celebrate Halloween? With Hell houses or Hallelujah nights?

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SAM: Dracula (1931)

Our heroes talk Dracula and vampires.

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No, really, Netflix is evil

Our heroes revisit the question of how to be discerning on Netflix. And whether to have it (and things like it) at all.

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The gaze of The Gospel Coalition

Our heroes engage with another lousy article by The Gospel Coalition and Brett McCracken.

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SAM: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sanity at the Movies reviews Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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The horror of Netflix!

A new article by USA today says Netflix is evil. What’s a Christian to do??????

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Like arrows in the hands of Hawkeye

Sound of Sanity engages with a ridiculous article from Christ and Pop Culture.

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