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Redux: A chip off the old block

Listen to the full episode! Support us here! Our heroes rehearse some of the plotty stuff that happened this year. Two-part finale begins next week. Music: “Ominous” by Ghoulish Grin Films, used by Creative Commons Attribution License. “Ancient... read more

Redux: Someone special

Rerelease of Someone Special.

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The coward’s climb

Alex Honnold is a coward?

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The stolen computer

Nathan’s computer was stolen!

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The Ville 1.5 — Just Desserts

Thanksgiving brings out the worst in a few denizens of Sanityville.

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SAM: Citizen Kane

Sound of Sanity reviews Citizen Kane, the greatest movie of all time?

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Election Day

Should Christians vote?

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Hell houses and Hallelujah nights

How do Christians celebrate Halloween? With Hell houses or Hallelujah nights?

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SAM: Dracula (1931)

Our heroes talk Dracula and vampires.

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The Grace of Shame

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