Since my shepherd keeps watch over my soul as a man who will give account to the Chief Shepherd, I recommit myself to submit to him, seeking his growth and wellbeing, and thereby our flock’s growth and wellbeing. To that end, I make the following resolutions:

  1. I will study and pray for myself, my wife, and family to grow in the love and fear of God.
  2. I will encourage my shepherd to preach the love and fear of God.
  3. I will honor my pastor’s responsibility to choose my household’s food and drink. Neither I nor my household will cast a wandering eye at other flocks’ shepherds and the greenness of their pastures.
  4. If need be, I will go to my shepherd privately, respectfully requesting food and drink I believe is missing.
  5. I will share with my pastor what social media, podcasts, videos, movies, and books I and my household consume so he is better able to teach and protect us.
  6. I and my household will cultivate ignorance and maintain a studied indifference to the trendy, famous and wealthy super apostles seeking to get our money and attention.
  7. In my Scripture reading, I will note and call my household’s attention to the warnings against false shepherds, paying particular attention to Scripture’s explanations concerning how to identify them.
  8. When I recognize a false shepherd crying “Peace! Peace!” where there is no peace, I will ask God for direction and seek the counsel of a faithful shepherd as to what my proper response should be.
  9. I will confess my own and my household’s temptations, fears, sins, and ignorance to my pastor so he may preach to us tenderly, personally, and helpfully.
  10. Knowing Scripture’s warning, “They are not all Israel who are from Israel,” I will encourage my pastor when he preaches the law, repentance, faith, and the circumcision of the heart.
  11. I will pray for my pastor’s faithfulness in preaching the Gospel, taking joy with him and the angels when the response to his preaching is lost souls crying out, “Brothers, what shall we do?”
  12. I will learn to recognize false pastors who rob God of His glory and sinful man of redemption by preaching God’s mercy without God’s wrath, grace without law, faith without repentance.
  13. I and my household will submit to our elders and pastor’s rebukes, admonitions, and exhortations, doing so without complaint or bitterness.
  14. When the proud rich man leaves the church, I will thank God for His perfect pruning. I will speak encouragement to the elders and pastor, increasing my giving as I am able.
  15. I will do what is appropriate to keep my pastor from both poverty and riches. I and the members of my household will take every opportunity to give our pastor gifts as a token of our gratitude and love for him and his work.
  16. I will note and seek to correct the error if my pastor fails to warn our flock when he administers the Table of our Lord. I will suggest and provide for him the warnings used by John Knox and John Calvin with their Geneva congregations during the Reformation.
  17. If the word “obey” is missing from brides’ vows in weddings officiated by my pastor, I will seek to correct this error, doing so with respect and firmness.
  18. I will ask my pastor to reform our church’s funeral and burial practices, suggesting he relegate the sharing of memories of the deceased to the visitation or family gatherings, keeping them out of the funeral proper. I will suggest the church return to calling the funeral service a “worship service testifying to the resurrection of Jesus Christ” rather than a “memorial service” or “celebration of life service.” I will suggest the formal eulogy be placed immediately prior to the beginning call to worship/opening prayer of the funeral service. Finally, if I can do so without appearing impertinent, I will suggest liturgies of the funeral and graveside committal services of the church be taken from a traditional or historical book of worship.
  19. I will lead our household in studying repentance for our many sins.
  20. I will be known for asking others to forgive me, particularly my wife and children.
  21. I will read over these resolutions every week, reminding myself of these commitments.

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