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When God calls us out of our sin and to Himself through the Gospel, He adopts us into His family. That family is the Church. This is a book about what that family should be, what it should do, and why it matters.

When we look carefully at the big things of the Bible, it’s important for us to examine both the Scriptures and the culture we live in today. We need to know what the Bible says. We also need to understand the ways we are getting things wrong, and the ways our cultural sins may be blinding us to what God is calling us to in Scripture.

In this book, Pastor Tim Bayly exposes lies the American evangelical church has believed and calls us to a simple, humble pattern of church that is clearly rooted in the Bible. It is a call to reform—a call to repent of the ways we have left God’s design for the Church, and a call to embrace what we see modeled for us in the Bible and in those places in church history where our fathers in the faith have been careful to show us what the Bible teaches.

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