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Tim Bayly

After ten years in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and twenty in the Presbyterian Church in America, Bayly joined Evangel Presbytery. Resigning his call to Trinity Reformed Church in 2022, he's presently teaching in New Geneva Academy. Married 48 years, Tim and his wife, Mary Lee, have five children, many grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

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Pastoral care for a grieving mother

We tend to consider writings to be deeply spiritual if they’re written in stilted syntax with archaic vocabulary. This is superstition. What is deep about Puritans isn’t their stilted syntax and archaic vocabulary, but the fierceness of their seizure of... read more

Wheaton College & President Buswell: Buswell, Machen, and Pearl Buck

(Eighteenth in a series; on 4/30/24, series had views/listens of 10,076) Last chapter in this series, we documented the many reasons the Trustees of Wheaton College had to rejoice in their hiring of President James Oliver Buswell, Jr. Serving their institution from... read more

Ukraine & Geopolitics (Follow-up), Christian Nationalism, and More

  Jürgen Von Hagen and Tim Bayly return to the studio and do some follow-up work on the war in Ukraine. Then they cover numerous other geopolitical, economic, and societal issues:   Is America an empire Letters from listeners Milton Friedman and the welfare... read more

Wheaton College & President Buswell: the present scandal of the Evangelical mind

(Seventeenth in a series; on 4/30/24, series’ views/listens at 10,076) Wheaton College has long proclaimed itself the “Harvard of Evangelicals.” Examining the Report produced by Wheaton’s best and brightest trashing J. Oliver Buswell as a... read more

Postmillennialism, paedocommunion, Lord’s table liturgies, and God’s loving discipline

Years ago, a close and lifelong friend handed me a postmillennial book, saying I needed to become a postmillennialist. A couple weeks later, we were talking on the phone and I told him I thought his postmillennialism wasn’t a function of Scripture, but his... read more

Ukraine, Putin, and Geopolitics

Rev. Dr. Jürgen von Hagen, the senior pastor of Free Evangelical Church in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, and professor of economics at the University of Bonn, Germany, joins Rev. Bayly at the Michigan house for a free-ranging conversation on Ukraine, Putin, German... read more

Flee Moscow’s paedocommunion

…why should we offer poison instead of life-giving food to our tender children? – John Calvin condemning paedocommunion Each of us has spent significant time the past couple of years warning brothers and sisters in Christ against Moscow’s promotion of... read more

Money at Home: marital conflict, stewardship, family size, education, marital freedom

Out of Our Minds Podcast: Pastors Who Say What They Think. For the love of Christ and His Church. Out of Our Minds is a production of New Geneva Academy. Are you interested in preparing for ordained ministry with pastors? Have a desire to grow in your knowledge and... read more

Wheaton College & President Buswell: repentance as dramaturgy

(Sixteenth in a series; 9,900 views as of 4/14/24) NOTE from TB: Wheaton alums have emailed a number of responses to this series. Here’s one received from the son of a nationally-prominent Evangelical leader who was a Wheaton alum from the time of... read more

Dispassionate disquisitions on heresy

Read a bunch of reviews of a book of rank feminist heresy deconstructing God the Father yesterday. All the reviews discussed the heresy in carefully modulated terms and were disgustingly obsequious toward the female author.   Avoid these hirelings. Such men are... read more

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