Tim Bayly

Tim Bayly

Tim Bayly has been senior pastor of Clearnote Church, Bloomington since 1996. Married to Mary Lee, the Baylys have five children and twenty-something grandchildren. Tim's book on fatherhood is titled "Daddy Tried" and he is co-author of a book on homosexuality titled "The Grace of Shame.’

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Matt Chandler betrays Christ’s sheep

Sent out a tweet a couple days ago in response to an interview Matt Chandler got HBO’s Vice to do with him. He’d told them he was the guy they should interview because he’s the guy who has things figured out and he’s the guy who is building one... read more

Wheaton shames black anti-abortionist

[Correction: A previous version of this article referenced “Vice President Shields.” Shields is not a part of the administration but a student government VP. The article has been corrected to refer to the Student Activities Office instead.] Wheaton... read more

Whiter than snow

Back in Philly we had friends who came from military stock. One of the grandpas had been a general in the army, so rules were rules. They lived in an large, old brick home with overgrown evergreens fighting to keep light from the windows, so it was sort of dark... read more

Clearnote Shepherds’ Conference: Spirit and Truth

Worship is the theme of our shepherd’s conference this year titled, “Spirit and Truth.” The word “liturgy” simply means “work of the people.” Worship is the work of the people. Are we doing our work well as we plan and lead... read more

Governmental usurpation of fathers and mothers’ authority

Here is the text of an email I just sent to members of our congregation. It was written in response to a foraging into the privacy of one our homes carried out by a government employee who had no reason for asking such intrusive questions. She wasn’t from child... read more

Sneak peek at first chapter titled “Love your Mother”

This is the title of the first chapter of our upcoming book on the Church. Just now, we posted it on Patreon as a thanksgiving gift to those who support Warhorn and Out of Our Minds. We are very grateful to each of you who help us in this work through many different... read more

The Reformed church today must choose one or the other

Can you imagine your pastor making this mistake in your church? What sort of church does it take to commit such “mistakes?”

read more

Authority and submission: muscles needing exercise

A friend finds himself in the position of trying to bring another Christian leader to heel late in the game. After decades of letting the leader do mostly as he wished, the time came when accountability of a very specific nature was needed, but it’s not going... read more

Carrie Underwood can’t know her baby’s gender

Since Bible translators talked the twenty-first century Church into getting rid of the words Scripture uses to speak of sex, that biological distinction God assigns each of us at the moment of our conception, the Church has shown great eagerness in following the... read more

We’re hard at work and hope you’ll approve

Hope readers won’t mind my using this Warhorn channel for some news and a few requests. The past couple of weeks, posts here at Out of Our Minds have been slow. Others have not found the time to write and I’ve been busy. First there was the trip to Germany... read more

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