Tim Bayly

Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church since 1996, Tim and Mary Lee have five children and lots of grandchildren. Tim's books include "Daddy Tried," The Grace of Shame," "Church Reformed," and "Elders Reformed." Tim spent ten years in the PC(USA) and twenty in the PCA. He's now a member of Evangel Presbytery.

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Why do you work?

Calidus has traded above thirty years in the greatest city of the kingdom; he has been so many years constantly increasing his trade and his fortune. Every hour of the day is with him an hour of business; and though he eats and drinks very heartily, yet every meal... read more

Old Orchard Presbyterian Church and Missouri Presbytery: removing the sin of effeminacy from Scripture has blinded them to Revoice

[The pic above is from a worship service of Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church.] A couple years ago, I got an email from a brother I’d neither met nor heard of who for years had been a member of Francis Schaeffer’s St. Louis church, Old... read more

One vessel for honorable use…

The sermon preached with the manuscript following, below. From the Pulpit of Trinity Reformed Church, Bloomington January 17, 2021 AM Romans Series No. 64 One Vessel for Honorable Use Sermon Text: Romans 9:19-21 Let us hear the Word of God recorded in the book of... read more

How beautiful are the feet

This past couple of weeks, we’ve all been sobered as tech’s robber barons removed political arguments and convictions contrary to their own from public discourse. Emboldened by the election and Capital riot that ensued, they took another large step in... read more

Vice President Pence has served us well

Juergen called my attention to this letter from the Vice President to the Speaker of the House addressing invoking the Twenty-fifth Amendment and impeachment. It’s excellent and it reminds us why we should not just give thanks for our President, Donald Trump,... read more

According to His purpose: a life of a church-planter

Just now I finished Dr. Don Walker’s memoirs titled According to His Purpose. Don and his wife, Joyann, were missionaries who spent their life planting churches in Germany. Don also worked many years organizing and taking trips behind the Iron Curtain in order... read more

Storming the Capitol: some perspective

About last night. It was wrong to storm the Capitol and plunk down behind our civil authorities’ desks, feet up and gloating. I hope these guys are arrested and do time for their rebellion. They should get what they deserve. Too, history will likely record that... read more

Family worship: Christmas gifts show thankfulness to God

When I was a little boy, I looked forward to Christmas. It was such a happy time! Dad would take us into the city to see all the Christmas decorations and hear the huge organ in Wanamaker’s store. We went sledding at the golf course. The hills were so steep and... read more

Christmas Voices

JOSEPH It’s cold and drafty. She’s cold. Why couldn’t the boy have been born while we were still in Nazareth instead of here, alone, no one to help. Only me and I’ve never delivered a baby. Fear not, Joseph. I do believe God. I take him at his word. A baby. But not... read more

PCA Revoice hall of infamy: pastors/elders who protested Pastor Warhurst

Here is a helpful explanation of the names below and the context for their supporting Revoice at a Presbyterian Church of America’s 47th (2019) General Assembly. Here are links to 85 posts documenting the history and leadership of Revoice, critiques of many of... read more

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