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Tim Bayly

Tim spent ten years as a pastor in the PC(USA), twenty in the PCA, and now is a member of Evangel Presbytery. He is the vice president of New Geneva Academy and the author of Daddy Tried, The Grace of Shame, Church Reformed, Elders Reformed, and The Helpful Marriage Book.

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How to spot a fake leader

How do you spot a fake leader? Out of Our Minds may be out of our minds, but we have some thoughts! Aspiring pastors, check out New Geneva Academy! Support our work: Support us here! Subscribe here! Download the episode at a separate link... read more

All Scripture is God-breathed (3)

(Third in a series.) Let us begin this third in the series by stopping to ask ourselves whether we love God? If the answer is “yes,” let us ask, do we love to listen to Him? Do we love His Word? Do we love His Words in His Word? Do we believe each of His... read more

All Scripture is God-breathed (2)

(Second in a series.) One brother responded to the first article in this series saying he thought I was open to the charge of being naïve about the work of translation. He pointed out translation is moving the meaning of words into the receptor language, and thus... read more

All Scripture is God-breathed (1)

(First in a series.) It is a foundational doctrine of the Church all Christians have confessed with one voice down through history that the Bible is infallible. We believe and confess that when the Apostle Paul declares in 1Timothy 3:16 “all Scripture is... read more

Why Christians should leave proclaiming the Gospel to their heroes

A brother looked to by reformedish people for wisdom in how to live and think in our pagan culture just sent his supporters his Christmas letter with three points. Dad used to say there were only three articles in the Reader’s Digest: Oh, the wonder of it! Oh,... read more

How silently, how silently…

(A modern Christmas story by Joe Bayly, printed in The Gospel Blimp (and other parables.) He arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare airport onTWA flight 801 from Israel. The plane was two hours late, but the delay made little difference, since there was no one to meet him. It... read more

John Calvin: lifting hands in worship helps “jolt us out of our laziness”

One man commented under a post that he considered the discipline of lifting hands and kneeling in prayer to be unworthy of reformed worship. Likely these things are a sort of pietistic emotional manipulation? To which I respond. First, this hypothetical exchange: Tim... read more

The kindness of the Lord: a pastor’s life (10)

Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?  – Romans 2:4 (Tenth in a series.) When Evelyn Jerred resigned her eldership at Rosedale Presbyterian Church in... read more

Warhorn Media reaches milestone: so what have we done?

A couple weeks ago Warhorn went over 2,000,000 page views. Six and a half years old, Warhornmedia.com has, I hope, been steady and true to the goal of warning the people of God, doing so with great patience. We have emphasized being faithful to God’s... read more

When is submission not submission?

A lot of people come to an understanding of biblical sex roles late in life. Sometimes, late in marriage. Sometimes, they haven’t had it modeled for them by their own families or by the churches they come from. Sometimes their understanding of a wife’s... read more

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