Tim Bayly

Tim Bayly

Tim Bayly has been senior pastor of Clearnote Church, Bloomington since 1996. Married to Mary Lee, the Baylys have five children and twenty-something grandchildren. Tim's book on fatherhood is titled "Daddy Tried" and he is co-author of a book on homosexuality titled "The Grace of Shame.’

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Pope emeritus Benedict XVI: “The Church and the Scandal of Sex Abuse”: A Protestant response (1)

(First in a series. Second published here and third here.) One week ago, a letter written by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI was released in English translation by a number of sources. The letter concerned the Roman Catholic Church’s ongoing sodomitic abuse and rape... read more

Clearnote Church, Bloomington votes to join Evangel Presbytery

We praise God for a good congregational meeting here at Clearnote Church, Bloomington, considering and voting on joining Evangel Presbytery. The discussion was thorough and helpful. We’d had several congregational meetings over the course of the past couple... read more

Marriage (5): when your dear wife says “no” (b)

A couple readers expressed frustration that I began this series on responding to a wife who refuses to submit by saying what shouldn’t be done about it, and not what should. One reader pointed out to me that there really are rebellious wives—which I thought was... read more

Marriage (4): what happens when your dear wife says “no” (a)

This is one of the most common questions asked by those remaining in the church who believe in the Fatherhood of God imprinted on man. Men who acknowledge the authority our Father has deposited in the male of the species ask what the Christian husband should do when... read more

Marriage (3): rebellions large and small

We live in such a rebellious time that any authority other than the monstrous state apparatus is on life-support. I was certain by the time I was older male authority would be gone and women would rule the world. What I never conceived of was that men claiming to be... read more

No union with Democrats

People on FB have expressed shock at my referring to Democrats as “God-haters.” I get it. These people are your mother and father, your brothers and sisters, your pastor and elders and deacons. Sure, your friend doesn’t hate God because you love God... read more

Warhorn’s exposure of Revoice: response to a critic

This text just added as an addendum to our first Revoice post: Yesterday I talked with a dear father in the PCA who had just read this post and remonstrated with me over the statistics and my laying the blame for the condition of the PCA and Revoice at the door of... read more

Revoice is fruit of Gospel Coalition’s Sam Allberry and LivingOUT guys

Back on May 25, 2018, we posted “The PCA on Homosexuality: the Influence of Covenant Theological Seminary.” This was the first in a series on Revoice we did over the course of the next months leading up to, and following, that gayfest. But we’d... read more

As we approach Passion Week

It was Maundy Thursday and it occurred to me to ask Dawn Spaetti if she could work with a couple of our musicians and sing the aria “For Love My Savior Is Dying” from Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion at noon the next day for our Good Friday... read more

Pastoral counsel upon the death of an infant child

Ye have lost a child: nay she is not lost to you who is found to Christ. She is not sent away, but only sent before, like unto a star, which going out of our sight doth not die and vanish, but shineth in another hemisphere. We see her not, yet she doth shine in... read more

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The Grace of Shame

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