Tim Bayly

Tim Bayly

Tim Bayly has been senior pastor of Clearnote Church, Bloomington since 1996. Married to Mary Lee, the Baylys have five children and twenty-something grandchildren. Tim's book on fatherhood is titled "Daddy Tried" and he is co-author of a book on homosexuality titled "The Grace of Shame.’

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Thoughts on Calvin, Luther, and Super Bowl Sunday

Just wrote this on Sanityville. After posting, it occurred to me it might be helpful to Warhorn readers, also. There’s much more to say about the Lord’s Day observance and Sabbatarianism, of course, but this is all I have the time for now. If you’d... read more

Why the name “Evangel Presbytery”?

We’ve had questions about our announcement of the constitutional convention of Evangel Presbytery. Some questions have focussed on the name. The committee that worked on the book of church order was also tasked with recommending a name. Though from the beginning... read more

Another review of The Grace of Shame

I myself left the life of homosexuality for the Lord Jesus Christ. …In my walk with Christ I found myself constantly coming up against a brick wall when dealing even with some of the most conservative Christians on what it means for a homosexual/lesbian to... read more

The second coming of The Gospel Blimp

Sound of Sanity carries on the tradition of Dad’s parody, The Gospel Blimp. (If you haven’t read it, you... read more

Who for our sins art justly displeased

Of our various liturgies used in worship are these always repeated at the graveside during committal services. Leading the people, there are almost no words I love as much: Man that is born of a woman hath but a short time to live, and is full of misery. He cometh up,... read more

Itching ears and precious language

Evidence piles up week by week demonstrating that reformed pastors of North America are fully agreed that people should not be considered criminals or shamed because of “who they love.” Covenant Seminary’s theology prof David Jones started the... read more

A cordial invitation to Evangel Presbytery

January 29, 2019 Brothers in Christ, This is an open invitation to pastors, elders, and interested laymen to join with us in a constitutional convention during which a number of us anticipate founding a new association of reformed churches called Evangel Presbytery.... read more

Money, money, money…

Email from Bryan Chapell, former president of the PCA’s Covenant Theological Seminary and current Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois. Hi, [Tim Bayly}. Last year my team and I produced my free video workshop called, “3 Keys to... read more

No union with Democrats

It’s time to face the truth. The Democrats are in open warfare against our Constitution, Executive Branch of government, their fellow citizens, the rule of law, and God. Straight up. We must recover the honesty and courage to see and name their crimes, then make... read more

Don’t ask, don’t tell: shepherds abandoning God’s sheep

During China’s Cultural Revolution, villagers in town squares witnessed the public shaming, torture, and death of those Mao and his socialists smeared as “enemies of the people.” Believers in China are still being shamed, persecuted, and murdered as... read more

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The Grace of Shame

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