Michael Foster

Michael is the Associate Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Spartanburg, SC. He also hosts the podcast Practical Ecclesiolgy. God has blessed him with a beautiful wife and seven children.

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Covenant Theological Seminary and the decline of the PCA

The bad fruit of the Presbyterian Church in America’s Covenant Theological Seminary (CTS) has long been evident to those willing to see and take warning.

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23. Pastoring in a transient community (Andy Webb and Jake Mentzel)

Michael interviews Pastors Andy Webb and Jake Mentzel on the challenges (and benefits) of pastoring in a transient community.

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22. Leading an elder board (Tim Bayly and David Abu-Sara)

Michael interviews Pastors Tim Bayly and David Abu-Sara on leading an elder board.

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21. Pastoring the sick and dying (Max Curell and Andrew Dionne)

Michael talks about pastoring the sick, the dying, and those left behind with Pastors Max Curell and Andrew Dionne.

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20. Social media and pastoral ministry (Jake Mentzel and Toby Sumpter)

Michael talks social media with Pastors Jake Mentzel and Toby Sumpter. Subscribe to Practical Ecclesiology on iTunes, Sticher, or... read more

19. Liturgical controversies (Andrew Dionne and Jody Killingsworth)

Michael talks to Pastors Andrew Dionne and Jody Killingsworth about proper liturgy.

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King Saul distances himself from Revoice…

The Prophet Samuel was faithful to confront the disobedient king. Saul played every card in the deck. He first claimed that he had obeyed. Men will always lead with the “nothing to see here” excuse. Samuel didn’t bite.

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18. Is the church woke or sleeping?

Michael interviews Adam Robles and Mark Robinson on the subject of race.

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PE 17. A church for the working man

Practical Ecclesiology discusses church for the working man with Eric Conn.

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PE 16. The educational dilemma

Practical Ecclesiology talks education with Lucas Weeks and Gabriel Colangelo.

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