Max Curell

Max Curell is associate pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington. He is married to Annie and they have 3 children.

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Discipline Is About Authority

Discipline is only effective if you have real authority. We love to hear your feedback! Click here to let us know what you think! Support our work: Support us here! Subscribe here! Download the episode at a separate link... read more

Strike Him With The Rod

Do not hold back discipline from the child, Although you strike him with the rod, he will not die. You shall strike him with the rod And rescue his soul from Sheol. – Proverbs 23:13-14 Support our work: Support us here! Subscribe here! Download the episode at a... read more

Helpful Marriage: Birth Control, part 2

Today, we circle back around and talk about birth control and contraceptives again. We got a little push back from the last episode, and so we hope to clarify, improve, and sharpen our teaching on this very important topic. As you’ll hear Tim say later in the podcast,... read more

Helpful Marriage: True Companionship

Today, we talk about companionship in marriage. Marriage is a mission, and a man and a wife cannot be two ships passing in the night if they hope to complete the mission with any success. Two ships passing in the night is not Christian Marriage. So today in our... read more

Helpful Marriage: Birth Control

The universal testimony of both Scripture and of the Church through the ages has been to oppose the use of birth control. And yet, even the most conservative churches in our country have completely embraced it and consider child-bearing and contraception to simply be... read more

Helpful Marriage: Thus Isaac Was Comforted

We live in a country where 50 Shades of Gray is released in the theaters on valentines day. This is the state of our understanding of love between a man and a woman. It’s godless and loveless. And much of that thinking has seeped into the church. In... read more

Helpful Marriage: Preparing for Marriage

You can almost think of today’s episode as a bit of premarital counseling. My goal going into the conversation was to talk about the challenges of getting married and how young Christian couples will be different and stand out in their approach to marriage in a world... read more

Helpful Marriage: The Three Purposes of Marriage

Our liturgy for a wedding is based on the marriage solemnization found in the 1549 Book of Common Prayer. It lists these three purposes for marriage: First, marriage is given for the mutual society, help, and comfort that man and wife should have from the other, both... read more

Raising Teenagers, part 5

Today’s episode is the second half of the conversation we began last week, and it is our last installment of our current series on Teenagers. Today, we talk about practical issues, and that includes how to help your sons and daughters launch into adulthood after... read more

Raising Teenagers, part 4

If you want to disciple your teenagers to love Jesus Christ, you have to train your girls to be women and your boys to be men. In other words, to live out our God-given sexuality is Christian discipleship. And yes, you will be persecuted for teaching Biblical... read more

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