Max Curell

Max Curell is associate pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington. He is married to Annie and they have 3 children.

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Young Men are Rocket Ships

Young men are rocket ships. If the ship isn’t pointed in the right direction, disaster will ensue. So how do you get young men pointed in the right direction? Register Now for the New Geneva Academy Shepherds conference! Support our work: Support us here!... read more

Pastors are Supposed to Make Judgements

Do you expect your pastor to make judgements about you? We would have no hesitation in saying “yes” to the question if we were talking about a doctor or a football coach of a piano instructor. We want those people in our lives because we want them to form... read more

Truth and a Happy Heart

Preachers during the Second Great Awakening used emotional manipulation to “convert” the masses, and Reformed pastors have been leery ever since then about appeals to emotion. But a pastor must preach to both the mind and the heart. In the Reformed world,... read more

At the Highest Pitch of Expression

Hebrews 13 reminds us that our pastors have the awful responsibility of watching over our souls. One day, they will give an account to God for their work. That’s a scary thought. Many pastors downplay their position as a pastor to try to get the perks of the job... read more

Faithful Worship, Faithful Preaching

Today’s episode is a continuation of the discussion we had last week about Christian worship. There’s interplay that always exists on a Sunday morning between the worship and the preaching. Does faithful preaching lead to faithful worship, or vice versa? How about... read more

You’re Supposed to Sing!

Today we turn our attention to music and worship. Music is powerful. It moves our emotions and shapes our desires, and these are not secondary things for a Christian. Just like our minds need instruction, our hearts and wills need to be directed. The songs we sing in... read more

A Christian’s Life of Repentance

 Pastor Jody Killingsworth joined us to continue our discussion of the Evangelical church. The pastors on this show all serve at Trinity Reformed Church, an Evangelical church here in Bloomington, Indiana. We are unapologetically, unequivocally, Evangelical. And yet,... read more

Kicking off our new podcast: Out of Our Minds!

Today we’re delighted to drop the first episode of our new podcast, Out of Our Minds. We think you’ll love it, and we hope you’ll join us for it every Thursday. The format is very simple: a few pastors walk into the studio once a week to record an... read more

The Evangelical Church: Where Are We Today?

Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining us on our very first episode of the Out of Our Minds Podcast! We sat down together to test out our equipment, but instead, we hit the record button and launched into a discussion about the state of the Evangelical Church in America... read more

Women working outside the home

Should women work outside the home? Then Comes What is on the case.

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