Max Curell

Max Curell is associate pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington. He is married to Annie and they have 3 children.

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Raising Teenagers, part 4

If you want to disciple your teenagers to love Jesus Christ, you have to train your girls to be women and your boys to be men. In other words, to live out our God-given sexuality is Christian discipleship. And yes, you will be persecuted for teaching Biblical... read more

Teenagers, part 3

Many Christian parents don’t like the idea of a youth group at church. After all, isn’t that where the kids get into all kinds of trouble? Isn’t that where all the bad stuff happens? I mean… there are girls there. Well, hold your horses. We think... read more

Merry Christmas!

The conversation features African hyraxes, Christmas cows, and a discussion about how to lead your family on holy days. Merry Christmas! Mentioned in this episode: The Worship of the English Puritans by Horton Davies Register now for the Helpful Marriage Conference!... read more

Teenagers, part 2

In today’s episode, we continue our series about teenagers. It’s tough to be a teenager. It’s tough to raise a teenager! If you have a teenager in the house already and you feel like you’re way behind, then I think there’s some good stuff... read more

Teenagers, part 1

Being a teenager is tough, and it’s easy for you as a parent to take your children – including your teenagers – for granted. Parents need to see it as their goal to help their teenagers launch into adulthood, and that means recognizing that this... read more

Be of the Same Mind, part 2

What kind of peace can we expect to have in the world? In our church? Our family? Our marriage? I’ll give you a hint: it begins with Jesus Christ. Join us for the Helpful Marriage Conference at the beautiful Indiana Landmarks Center in Indianapolis on March 4th... read more

Be of the Same Mind, part 1

What does it mean for Christians to “be of the same mind with one another?” Support our work: Support us here! Subscribe here! Download the episode at a separate link here! read more

Do your Work Heartily, as for the Lord

In this episode, I push the men to discuss the distinction between working with your mind and working with your hands. And I do that, I think, because I feel some amount of guilt and shame over the fact that I am not especially good working with my hands. Many young... read more

Biblical Foundations for Work

Pastors Tim, Max, Stephen and I have a conversation about the foundational principles for a Biblical understanding of work and rest. Resources mentioned in the show: Leisure, the Basis of Work, by Josef Pieper Why Work? by Dorothy Sayers When Fathers Ruled, by Steven... read more

Statement on Conscience and COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, Part 2

The Statement on Conscience and COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates can be found here. Support our work: Support us here! Subscribe here! Download the episode at a separate link here! read more

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