Max Curell

Max Curell is associate pastor of Clearnote Church Bloomington. He is married to Annie and they have 3 children.

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Women working outside the home

Should women work outside the home? Then Comes What is on the case.

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Then Comes What considers the issue of singleness.

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Reclaiming biblical sexuality (without being a dope)

Then Comes What talks about embracing godly sex roles without overreacting or being dumb or a dope.

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The Only Christmas Podcast You Need

Then Comes What discusses how to celebrate Christmas.

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Then Comes What // Protecting children sexually

Then Comes What talks about how to protect children sexually.

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Then Comes What // Water is thicker than blood

How does a family approach life in the church? How do parents inculcate love of the church in their children? What role should the church play in the family? Which is more important–church or family? Tim, Max, Jake, and Nathan discuss all this and more in this... read more


People have a long history of scaring and amusing themselves with tales of the animated dead. Frankenstein’s monster, mummies trudging forward with outstretched arms, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and Sinbad’s sword-wielding skeletons have all been as good as an... read more

Temporary Insanity

“You’re about to go insane.” I had noticed that the soon-to-be-teenaged young lady standing in front of me had grown at least six inches in the last month. And I knew that I needed to have a word with her, warning her about the challenges and temptations of the... read more

The Cost of Love

“I have something I need to confess,” he sobbed. It was a crime. And a very serious one. Occasionally as a pastor I have the privilege of hearing such sins confessed. I might have been scandalized when I was younger, but now I’m old and I know my own sin better.... read more

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