Jody Killingsworth

Jody Killingsworth

Jody Killingsworth is worship pastor at Clearnote Church Bloomington and lead singer/songwriter of My Soul Among Lions.

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Behind the scenes: The Song of Moses

In this video, Jody announces the release of the Song of Moses chord chart (attached below), and explains how to play it on guitar, along with some insights into how the song was recorded. Also, check out a sweet cover of Song of Moses by our friends Joshua and Hannah... read more

Extras: The Glory of the Man

Manhood and womanhood as God intended is such a beautiful thing. So here’s an idea! Let’s teach our children to delight in it. Sing this fun, catechistic song in your home and put it to work in your church’s children’s ministries. Have your... read more

Psalm of the Month (October 2018)

Our goal is to write and record a Psalm each month. But what is a psalm, really? According to, a psalm is “a sacred song or hymn, in particular any of those contained in the biblical Book of Psalms.” Note that qualifier, “in... read more

Extras Series “Let Every Valley” [VIDEO]

Hello friends! From time to time we have reason to produce songs outside the normal scope of our work, and instead of just sitting on them we thought we’d come up with a way of sharing them with you. So today we’re beginning a new series of posts called... read more

Psalm of the Month (September ’18)

Psalm 31 is a plaintive song, a cry to God from a troubled soul. Charles Spurgeon says that the Psalm’s dedication “For the Choir Director” gives a death blow to the notion that nothing but praise should be sung in worship. Since it is “through... read more

Song of the King (Psalm 21)

We’re pleased to present this new music video featuring the title track from our forthcoming album, Song of the King: Psalms 21–30. The album won’t be commercially available until October 2nd. However, there is a way you can get an advance copy for... read more

Channel Launch!

Welcome to our new Warhorn channel! Here’s what will be appearing here on a regular basis… New songs We’re writing and recording a new psalm every month, and you can listen to those tracks right here as they’re released. We’re working on... read more

19. Liturgical controversies (Andrew Dionne and Jody Killingsworth)

Michael talks to Pastors Andrew Dionne and Jody Killingsworth about proper liturgy.

read more

Father’s Day

Sound of Sanity celebrates Father’s Day and discusses good and bad fathers.

read more

How to Sing like a Protestant

This month we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Among the choicest fruits of this Reformation is a custom now so normal in our worship experience that we can hardly imagine a Lord’s Day without it. I’m referring to our habit of praising... read more

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