Jake Mentzel

Jake is the CEO of Warhorn Media and the discipleship pastor of Clearnote Church. He also teaches at Clearnote Pastors College.

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The Ville 2.2. Crimson and Clover

Masked hero The Crimson Cape uncovers a plot to conquer the world…

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134. Jane Eyre, Part 3

The Bookening talks Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre.

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133. Jane Eyre, Part 2

The Bookening tackles the first part of the novel Jane Eyre.

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132. Jane Eyre, Part 1

The Bookening provides much needed context on Jane Eyre.

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The meaning of life

Sound of Sanity discusses the meaning of life.

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131. Alice in Wonderland

The Bookening talks Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll’s troubling personal life.

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No new episode today

No new episode of The Bookening today. But here’s a little content.

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Gluttons for punishment (Manosphere 2)

Our heroes explain what they were trying to do last episode on the manosphere and Dalrock.

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130. Persuasion, Part 3

Part 3 of The Bookening’s discussion of Persuasion.

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Into the manosphere

Our heroes ventured a little too far into the manosphere.

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