Lucas Weeks

Lucas Weeks is assistant pastor at Clearnote Church Bloomington.

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No Pongas Cara de Pescado El Domingo a la Mañana

Publicado por Lucas Weeks | 9 de febrero de 2017 | Sound of Sanity | Si me vieras cantar durante la alabanza un domingo por la mañana, probablemente me atraparías en cualquier cantidad de poses. A veces canto con entusiasmo, otras veces soy más reservado. A veces,... read more

The point is corruption…

Jennifer Lawrence has been groomed and abused for all of our viewing pleasure, right out there in the open.

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Reparations Now?

It seems to me that what Coates wants is not justice, otherwise he wouldn’t use language of reparations the way he does.

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The Sound of Iron Being Sharpened

Pastors and Christian leaders sometimes see our work come under criticism. This is often because we were being publicly critical of other Christian leaders. If you’ve ever experienced this ironic role-reversal, you know that references to Matthew 18 always play... read more

Episode 47: Heart of Darkness, Part 3

  Please click here to support The Bookening for a low monthly amount and help us continue making the podcast. Thank you! Click here to subscribe to The Bookening on iTunes Here’s something different for those of you who like different things. Our heroes... read more

8 Hard Truths About Holiness

Have you ever met a holy man? What did he look like? Maybe he had a long beard? Perhaps there was a soft glow around his head? These days, we use the term “holy” to refer to anyone who calls himself holy and keeps a straight face. So when we hear the term... read more

Don’t be a Fishface on Sunday Morning

If you were to watch me sing along with worship on a Sunday morning, you’d likely catch me in any number of poses. Sometimes I sing with gusto, other times I’m more reserved. Sometimes I raise my hands and lift my face, and other times I lower my head,... read more

As for a rogue, his weapons are evil

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan. – Proverbs 29:2 I remember my last night in Zaire. My dad had been out running an errand when the violence began, and we hadn’t heard from him in days. We were all hunkered... read more

Mark of Evil

My grandparents moved to the Belgian Congo in the 1940’s as missionaries, and that’s where my father and his siblings were raised. My dad eventually returned to the Congo as an adult, this time with his wife and family. So I spent the first nine years of my life in... read more

So they asked you to be the church treasurer?

If you’re fortunate, your church is blessed with a trained accountant who is certified for Quickbooks Online. He volunteers his time cheerfully, he has lots of faith, and he is not always worried about whether you’re going to make payroll next month. Plus... read more

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