Lucas Weeks

Lucas Weeks is an associate pastor at Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Indiana. He's married to Hannah, and they have six children.

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Should we bother to read the news?

Serious question. Two articles (heh) popped up in my reading this week that led me to ask this question. The first is this one from 2013 titled “Why You Should Stop Reading the News.” The ensuing discussion on Hacker News can be found here. Today at... read more

Sanityville Grand Opening! Sane Christian discourse in a world gone mad

We’re very excited about the wonderful response we’ve had so far to Sanityville, and we’re delighted to share it with everyone today. You can check it out for yourself at We’ve been invite-only for the past few weeks, and we’ve already... read more

What should Christian discourse online look like?

We want quality conversations, and that needs more definition. What can we do to ecourage quality conversations to take place in Sanityville?

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Facebook Groups? Nah.

In the time we spent planning Sanityville, one question kept coming up: why don’t we just start a Facebook group? It’s a good question, and it deserves a full answer. After all, just about everyone we know already has a Facebook account, and most people... read more

Who’s really (in)sane?

The World says you’re insane. Christians say you’re insane. You’re not insane.

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Calling All Citizens of Sanityville

Tim Bayly isn’t the only one who has been hard at work recently, and we have some exciting news to prove it. Next month, Warhorn Media will be launching an online community for all our wonderful readers, listeners, and supporters. We’re calling it... read more

No Pongas Cara de Pescado El Domingo a la Mañana

Publicado por Lucas Weeks | 9 de febrero de 2017 | Sound of Sanity | Si me vieras cantar durante la alabanza un domingo por la mañana, probablemente me atraparías en cualquier cantidad de poses. A veces canto con entusiasmo, otras veces soy más reservado. A veces,... read more

The point is corruption…

Jennifer Lawrence has been groomed and abused for all of our viewing pleasure, right out there in the open.

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Reparations Now?

It seems to me that what Coates wants is not justice, otherwise he wouldn’t use language of reparations the way he does.

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The Sound of Iron Being Sharpened

Pastors and Christian leaders sometimes see our work come under criticism. This is often because we were being publicly critical of other Christian leaders. If you’ve ever experienced this ironic role-reversal, you know that references to Matthew 18 always play... read more

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