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Eric Rasmusen

Eric Rasmusen

Eric Rasmusen is an economist who teaches at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and has held visiting positions at Harvard, Yale, Chicago, Oxford, and Tokyo. He is best known for his book Games and Information and he has published extensively in law and economics, including recent articles on the burakumin outcastes in Japan and the use of game theory in jurisprudence. His vitae is at

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*Nota del traductor: Cuando leí este artículo hace unas semanas sabía que estaba tocando un punto importante. En realidad la persona del pastor Keller y la realidad política en EEUU son secundarias y sirven como una parábola para confrontar una tentación que está muy... read more

What makes Tim Keller uncomfortable…

Courage is primary I admire Pastor Timothy Keller of Manhattan’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church. He writes good books and delivers good sermons. When I am in New York, I attend one of the churches in the mini-denomination he has created within the PCA. But he’s the... read more

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