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David Bayly

David is married to Cheryl, and together they have five children and many grandchildren. David and Cheryl have served in Toledo since 1988, where David is senior pastor at Christ the Word Church (PCA).

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PCA General Assembly overtures concerning Revoice: advice for the godly

So you’re a God-fearing commissioner and you want to take a stand for God at GA this year? Here’s a suggestion: file charges. Don’t seek consensus. Spoil the party by defying the consensus. File charges. Stand at the microphone and move your complaint against GA. Speak for God. Have nothing to do with study committees and consensus.

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Covenant Theological Seminary and the decline of the PCA

The bad fruit of the Presbyterian Church in America’s Covenant Theological Seminary (CTS) has long been evident to those willing to see and take warning.

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Revoice Reviewed: Wesley Hill aims for a world without shame

Mr. Hill proclaims salvation from shame, redemption from repentance and freedom from the constraints of the Law rather than freedom to obey God’s holy commands—a most degrading soteriology.

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Why pastors want women in leadership

Placing women over men is first and foremost sexual sin, and while those who do this offend in a number of ways, their rebellion is sexual at heart, a sin motivated by evil sexual desires (James 1:14).

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Scott Sauls, amateur illusionist

Good magicians know that patter is as important as finger speed. Tim Keller is a master of patter. The patter of Scott Sauls, heir presumptive to Tim Keller in the PCA, is less skilled.

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Feminist talking points in the PCA

Since Pastor Sauls has done such an excellent job compiling the best arguments feminism can find in the Bible, it seemed a good opportunity to answer seriously and briefly.

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10 reasons to love God’s distinctions between men and women

This is actually Part 5 in a series. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 6. Pastor Scott Sauls is puzzled that God would distinguish between men and women in the home and church. He can’t find it in him to understand it, but he will nevertheless obey, he says. Sauls... read more

Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 4)

Pastor Scott Sauls thinks he can stand squarely on the line of what Scripture says. But he’s wrong.

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Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 3)

Part 3 in a series; Part 1 and Part 2. Pastor Scott Sauls continues his explanation of the rationale behind his session at Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville appointing women officers called “deaconesses”: The Christ Presbyterian elders wish to affirm... read more

Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 2)

Scott Sauls is not standing on the line. He’s disobeying scripture.

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