Dani McNeilly

Dani McNeilly lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with her redhaired husband, Alex, and their redhaired children, Jubilee, Whitaker, Zeal, and Simeon. Happily, she thinks red hair is simply wonderful.

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Episode 50: Murder on the Orient Express, Part 3

Murder on the Orient Express! Our heroes ponder whether it is ever acceptable to take the law into your own hands, answer questions from Schmoop, and solve their very own murder mystery. WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END WILL SHOCK YOU! Featuring MVP guest star, Dani McNeilly.... read more

Episode 48: Murder on the Orient Express, Part 1

Our heroes invite a woman on the podcast and chaos ensues. Also they discuss Dame Agatha Christie and Murder on the Orient Express. Co-starring the wonderful Dani McNeilly. Please click here to support The Bookening for a low monthly amount and help us continue making... read more

Can Jesus Relate to Moms?

It’s a typical weekday. I wake up early, before the kids, and get the dishwasher unloaded, breakfast started, my caffeinated tea made. Just as I sit down to read my Bible, little feet come thumping down the stairs, and the day actually begins. So much for my... read more

Life Is Work, Princess

On Friday the 6th, sweet Simeon turned three months old. Hooray! He smiles and laughs so wonderfully, but not for a camera, so you’ll just to have to trust me. With the addition of each child I’ve learned some new big thing. The most valuable lesson in having Zeal... read more

Drive-Thru At 1:15

So there we were, the kids and I, pulling out of Walmart at 1:15 in the afternoon, already a quarter-hour past normal naptime and none of us had eaten lunch. That’s when the battle started—between me and myself. ME: Let’s go to Wendy’s. MYSELF: Wendy’s? No. ME:... read more

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