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Brian Bailey

Brian became a disciple of Jesus Christ in law school. It is his joy to serve as an elder of Trinity Reformed Church, whose ministry God used to bring Brian to faith. Over the years, Brian has worked as a clerk to a state appellate judge, a business and appellate litigator, and an agency head for two governors. He now practices law in Bloomington, Indiana, where he, his wife Nicole, and their nine children live.

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Dirty Jobs

You don’t need to watch a reality TV show to know that there are many dirty jobs that are quite noble. Cleaning septic tanks, raising pigs, hot tarring a roof, not to mention the work of any mother, especially when the family gets sick. All of this is good work... read more

Bakers, yes; butchers and candlestick makers, absolutely not…

Can a Christian baker refuse to make a cake for a homosexual wedding? The State of Colorado answers that question with an emphatic N-O. What will the U.S. Supreme Court say? TBD. What did the Christian attorney say: yes, a baker can refuse to make a cake. But what... read more

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