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Brian Bailey

Brian became a disciple of Jesus Christ in law school. It is his joy to serve as an elder of Trinity Reformed Church, whose ministry God used to bring Brian to faith. Over the years, Brian has worked as a clerk to a state appellate judge, a business and appellate litigator, and an agency head for two governors. He now practices law in Bloomington, Indiana, where he, his wife Nicole, and their nine children live.

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The Future Of Our Fight For Life

This is the second half of a conversation I had with Tim Bayly and Brian Bailey about the recently leaked Supreme Court opinion that would have the effect of overturning Roe vs. Wade if it actually stands when it is officially released. It’s nothing short of a... read more

Could Roe vs. Wade Be Overturned?

Tim Bayly and I are joined in the studio by attorney Brian Bailey to talk about the bombshell leak from the Supreme Court that has the whole media landscape up in flames. Could this really be the end of Roe vs. Wade? If so, what happens next? Where does the pro-life... read more

Answers to questions about capital punishment

NOTE from TB: This is the response of Brian Bailey to a request from a young girl formerly a part of our church who sought his response to questions related to capital punishment. She was seeking help with a paper she was writing for school. Bailey is an elder of... read more

Advice for Biden’s SCOTUS commissioners

What’s needed from our judges, or at least the ones who are not yet in thrall to the Times’ deceitful kisses?

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Doug Wilson’s confession of faith

When it comes to masks, Pastor Doug Wilson first presents as a modest man. He says the practice of mask-wearing at his church (wear one if you want) is “the way of love.” He says he is “trying to maintain the bond of peace within our own ranks during this trying... read more

COVID-19: the wickedness of our civil authorities

Despising authority is a besetting sin of the Church, today. Writing on fatherhood and the eldership has been difficult, knowing many will point at fathers and elders who have abused their authority, responding, “You want us to respect them?” More recently... read more

COVID-19: another pastoral letter

This is a pastoral letter to the souls of Trinity Reformed Church from Elder Brian Bailey and Pastor Tim Bayly. July 13, 2020 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We know it’s difficult to have the pastors of other churches opposing our elders’ care for... read more

Where have all the arguments gone?

In recent weeks, three pastors have published extensive warnings on Warhorn Media, exposing the PCA’s latest compromises on sexuality. Instead of delivering a rebuttal, the response within the PCA has largely been pounding the table.

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Supreme Court’s message to persecutors: Stomp respectfully

There’s a difference between gratitude and a triumphal belief that the First Amendment has been resuscitated. It hasn’t. It’s still a dead letter.

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Breathing Space? Not In Flyover Country

If you grew up in the ’70s or ’80s, you may remember Mr. Yuck and other kid-safety PSAs. One particularly disturbing warning was never to climb inside a refrigerator. In those days, some refrigerators couldn’t be opened from the inside. The recent cake-baking argument... read more

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