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Which Direction Is Your Shame Facing?

“Did anything happen last night?” my mother asked the next morning.

“No.” I lied. How could I tell her that what I had actually done was watch gay porn for the first time?

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Nosotros Nos Encargamos de Todo

Anónimo | 20 de noviembre de 2015 | Out of Our Minds | El edificio se veía más como una prisión que como un hospital público. La semana anterior había ido a Grupo FUSA, en frente de la universidad, para una prueba de embarazo. Me dijeron que no me preocupara, que... read more

Infertility, Bitterness, and Motherhood

He sat in a large chair behind a big desk, sorting through papers and thinking to himself. When I leaned over to ask my husband a question, the doctor looked up at me and said, “You leave the thinking to me. Bear with me a moment and I’ll have a plan for you.” My... read more

A Father’s Surprising Answer

When my husband and I moved to a new town in 1986, we came with the hope that we would purchase our first home. We had set our budgeted price at $55,000 and began to look at houses. We saw several we liked in the $60-65,000 range, and then I found the home I loved. It... read more

We’ll Take Care of Everything

The building looked more like a prison than the state hospital. The week before I had gone to the Planned Parenthood across the street from campus for a pregnancy test. They told me not to worry, it was okay, they would take care of me. They never said the word... read more

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The Grace of Shame

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