Andy Halsey

Andy Halsey

Andy Halsey is a PCA pastor. He is husband of one wife and father of more than four children.

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Covenant Seminary should just repent

Imagine the relief of just being able to admit, “We blew it.” And then the credibility that could be yours.

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Revoice Reviewed: Ray Low, Weeping Prophet?

Ray has suffered, sure. But is he a weeping prophet or a frustrated wolf in sheep’s clothing who couldn’t manage to climb over the wall?

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Revoice Reviewed: PCA Pastor Greg Johnson

Watch as Pastor Johnson weaves his web, mesmerizing Revoice’s LGBTQ sexual minorities by confirming them in their bondage.

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Feminist talking points in the PCA

Since Pastor Sauls has done such an excellent job compiling the best arguments feminism can find in the Bible, it seemed a good opportunity to answer seriously and briefly.

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Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 3)

Part 3 in a series; Part 1 and Part 2. Pastor Scott Sauls continues his explanation of the rationale behind his session at Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville appointing women officers called “deaconesses”: The Christ Presbyterian elders wish to affirm... read more

Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 1)

Pastor Scott Sauls of Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville (CPCN) has convinced his elders to open the diaconate to commissioned women deacons.

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Revoice and the PCA: who will take Scripture and Westminster Standards in hand to stand in the gap?

Forty years ago, a church in Mississippi called a bright young man to be their pastor. Though there had been some rumblings throughout Mississippi about encroaching liberalism and a few churches had begun organizing a new denomination along conservative lines, no one... read more

Raising an alarm in the PCA alarms Joe Novenson

Pastor Joe Novenson concluded only that those sounding the alarm should repent of their tone, thus choosing to align himself with those being warned against.

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Itching Ears Part 6: Greg Johnson’s explanation of Revoice

As wordlings see it, when the Apostle Paul commanded the men of God of his day to “be men,” he was tormenting them on the level of “electro-shock therapy.”

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PCA member Cleatus Hogbottham responds to Covenant Seminary Statement on homosexuality

The following is a letter to the editors from one of our readers. Our correspondent, Cleatus Hogbottham, is a farmer holding membership in a rural PCA church. Mr. Hogbottham read Dr. Dalbey’s statement on the Revoice Conference and we thought our readers would... read more

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