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Andy Halsey

Andy Halsey

Andy Halsey is a PCA pastor serving in Charleston, MS. He is husband of one wife and father of more than four children.

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Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 3)

Part 3 in a series; Part 1 and Part 2. Pastor Scott Sauls continues his explanation of the rationale behind his session at Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville appointing women officers called “deaconesses”: The Christ Presbyterian elders wish to affirm... read more

Itching Ears Part 4: Greg Johnson’s explanation of Revoice

We used to speak of the gifting and calling to singleness, but “singleness” doesn’t evoke the pathos of “permanently de-coupled.” Yet we must recall these men lamenting their “permanent de-coupling” are the same men promoting “spiritual friendships.” What are “spiritual friendships?” Excuse us for pointing out the obvious, but “spiritual friendships” are permanent coupling.

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Itching Ears Part 3: Greg Johnson’s explanation of Revoice

Revoice apes the world—that’s the main thing to notice about them. Their repeated banging on the single key of “not same-sex intercourse” is the outside of the cup that they keep clean to pass for Christian. Only the Bible’s sexual ethic cleans the inside of the cup, producing by the grace of God sweet repentance, joyful hope, and complete satisfaction.

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