Andrew Dionne

Andrew Dionne

Andrew Dionne is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church (Evangel Presbytery) in Spartanburg, SC. He serves on the boards of Clearnote Pastors College and Personhood South Carolina. He has six children and a lovely wife.

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What does the music say?

If music is a kind of language, however limited, those who demand that we retreat from today’s popular musical styles have little regard for comprehension.

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Unity must not come at the expense of peace in the PCA

Has the Gospel Reformation Network really made peace with the National Partnership, and if so how?

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Revoice Reviewed: Nate Collins—God’s true prophet

Dr. Nate Collins organized this first Revoice conference. He holds both the MDiv and a PhD in New Testament from Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. A student at Southern for more than ten years, Collins has been Southern’s Instructor of New... read more

Feminist talking points in the PCA

Since Pastor Sauls has done such an excellent job compiling the best arguments feminism can find in the Bible, it seemed a good opportunity to answer seriously and briefly.

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10 reasons to love God’s distinctions between men and women

This is actually Part 5 in a series. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 6. Pastor Scott Sauls is puzzled that God would distinguish between men and women in the home and church. He can’t find it in him to understand it, but he will nevertheless obey, he says. Sauls... read more

Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 4)

Pastor Scott Sauls thinks he can stand squarely on the line of what Scripture says. But he’s wrong.

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Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 3)

Part 3 in a series; Part 1 and Part 2. Pastor Scott Sauls continues his explanation of the rationale behind his session at Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville appointing women officers called “deaconesses”: The Christ Presbyterian elders wish to affirm... read more

Is Sauls too among the Prophets? (Part 1)

Pastor Scott Sauls of Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville (CPCN) has convinced his elders to open the diaconate to commissioned women deacons.

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Revoice and the PCA: who will take Scripture and Westminster Standards in hand to stand in the gap?

Forty years ago, a church in Mississippi called a bright young man to be their pastor. Though there had been some rumblings throughout Mississippi about encroaching liberalism and a few churches had begun organizing a new denomination along conservative lines, no one... read more

CTS President Mark Dalbey plays hide-and-seek over women profs…

The bylaw change allowing women to serve as full professors on the seminary faculty went through a “first reading” and several votes from different groups. But somehow no bylaw change is needed.

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