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Amy Molina

Amy Molina is wife to Claudio and mother to Jillian, Olivia, and Gwenyth.

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Monumental Update

Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes, Stitcher, or Android. Katie and Amy give an update on things happening with Monumental and announce season 4 coming soon! read more

Missions Isn’t for Me – Cheryl Hatfield

This is the story of the making of a missionary. Cheryl Hatfield tells how she fought against God calling her and her husband to the mission field and how He changed her heart. Subscribe here! Listen at a different link here! read more

Taste and See The Lord Is Good – Saved from Anorexia – Tracy

Tracy returns to tell how her story continued after growing up in an abusive home. This is the story of how anorexia almost took her life. Featuring “I Am His Alone (Psalm 34b)” by My Soul Among Lions Subscribe here! Listen at a different link... read more

A Rastafarian Finds The Way – Natalie Richards

Nathalie Richards tells the story of how God saved her out of Rastafarianism.

read more

Searching for God in the Midst of Abuse – Tracy

Tracy shares the difficult account of her search for God and striving to understand her purpose in life while growing up in an abusive home. *Please note, the contents of this episode are for the mature listener. Subscribe here! Listen at a different link... read more

Raising Nate – Lisa Cochran

Lisa talks about the process of finding out her son Nate has autism and how they’ve helped him live with it while not being controlled by it. She also shares how God has blessed and strengthened their family through Nate’s life. Subscribe here! Listen at a... read more

A New Generation – Veronica

Veronica shares how growing up her life was shaped and identified by divorce, how God protected her, and how He’s now given her the fruit of a godly home. Subscribe here! Listen at a different link here! read more

I Too was a Foreigner – Ilse von Hagen

Ilse Von Hagen from Germany talks about how she became a Christian while living in the US, and now she ministers to foreigners in her country.

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Love God – Love Your People – Ruby Mentzel

Ruby Mentzel looks back on her almost 90 years and does not regret her life of service to others.

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Allie Adopts the Family God Gave Her – Allie Passwaiter

Allie shares her struggle with being adopted and how God used that to lead her to faith and adopt the family God gave her.

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