Amanda Mentzel

Amanda Mentzel is wife to Jake, mother to Peter, Lucy, Iain, Abraham, Geneva, Ozias, and Haddon. Amanda can’t stand articles that hinge on cutesy turns of phrase, despite the fact that she sometimes creates them.

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How to be a Good Mom (in Three Unsimple Steps)

Three-step plans are so easy. So helpful. If you ask Google what it takes to be a good mom there’s a zillion sites ready to give you a plan for how to be a better mom, or a list of three (or eight or thirty-five) signs that you’re a Good Mom. There’s even a WikiHow... read more

Pregnant Again: A letter to a struggling mom

This is adapted from a real letter I wrote to a friend struggling with the news of a new pregnancy. Dear friend, This is something I can relate to more than I’d really like. My most recent pregnancy in particular came along a lot sooner than I hoped. So first, I... read more

All Is Calm

I drove past the country store on the way home from church one day in early November. Normally it’s just part of the gray and green scenery that whirls by while I’m thinking about what needs to happen before small group, but this time it caught my eye. Outside in the... read more

They Kill Babies There

Being there has a way of changing how you see things. This is reality. Life, death, hell, sin. Everything matters. This isn’t pretend. I had been down to Planned Parenthood a few times before, praying and watching, mostly. That was before I had a baby of my own. After... read more

Stupid Angry

One morning a few months ago, like too many mornings, I was rushing my children out the door—leaving patience, kindness, and self-control scattered among the Legos. In the midst of my frenzy I started noticing the mounting pile of things I was growing aggravated... read more

Reflections of a Walmartyr

Once I was in the checkout line at Walmart. I had two babies with me. One was in my shopping cart, the other in my belly. Both were uncomfortable—but not as uncomfortable as the cashier, a girl about my own age, who looked at me with awe and pity. Her gaze went from... read more

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