Amanda Mentzel

Amanda Mentzel is wife to Jake, mother to Peter, Lucy, Iain, Abraham, Geneva, Ozias, and Haddon. Amanda can’t stand articles that hinge on cutesy turns of phrase, despite the fact that she sometimes creates them.

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Relatable Mary

Is Mary relatable???

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Give good gifts this Christmas

It’s hard to be a good Christmas giver or getter says Amanda Mentzel.

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Mom advice, pass it down

16 moms give their best advice.

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Discipline is for everyone

My oldest is only ten, but parenting has worn on me. You see, I’m knee-deep in my seventh toddlerhood. If we’re all honest though, parenting gets old real quick. She is still waking up at night. They spilled the milk again. He’s still not getting the... read more

I used to be a good Christian

Amanda Mentzel discusses working heartily as unto the Lord, even in the mundane things.

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The shame and guilt of Holy Week

Preparing your heart for Easter means facing your own depravity.

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Women’s Ministry: When You Don’t Like What They’re Serving

I don’t want to spend my time listening to people’s feelings through their tears.  Skits and toilet paper games are for high schoolers. I’m an alto. And I don’t drink tea. We give lots of excuses, but it comes down to this: lots of women... read more

Raising Strong Girls

Shopping for kids clothes is hard, particularly for girls. If it isn’t skanky it’s loud, sparkly, and garish. And let’s talk about slogan tees. Slogan tees aren’t a new thing or relegated to just girls, but it seems that those made for girls... read more

How to be a Good Mom (in Three Unsimple Steps)

Three-step plans are so easy. So helpful. If you ask Google what it takes to be a good mom there’s a zillion sites ready to give you a plan for how to be a better mom, or a list of three (or eight or thirty-five) signs that you’re a Good Mom.... read more

Pregnant Again: A letter to a struggling mom

This is adapted from a real letter I wrote to a friend struggling with the news of a new pregnancy. Dear friend, This is something I can relate to more than I’d really like. My most recent pregnancy in particular came along a lot sooner than I hoped. So first, I... read more

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The Grace of Shame

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