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Worship as Sinners (Ben Burlingham)

Spirit & Truth, Session 4: Worship as Sinners — Ben Burlingham This message was originally given on February 21, 2019 at Clearnote Church (Bloomington, IN) as part of the 2019 Shepherds Conference, Spirit and Truth: A Conference on Worship. We worship God in... read more

Song of the King Psalms 21–30 available now

Buy the new My Soul Among Lions album, Song of the King.

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Coming soon

New content coming very soon. Get excited.

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Pursue Peace: When to fight and when not to (Tim Bayly)

Pastor Tim Bayly discusses knowing when to fight and when not to. (This audio is incomplete)

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When They Have a Dispute: The elders and conflict (Tim Bayly)

Pastor Tim Bayly talks about resolving conflict in the elder’s board.

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Shepherding the Flock: Conflict among the sheep (Max Curell)

Pastor Max Curell talks about fights and conflict within the local church body.

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Keep a Close Watch: Conflict with yourself (Toby Sumpter)

Pastor Toby Sumpter talks about how if we can’t fight ourselves—really fight—we will never be able to engage in fruitful conflict with anyone inside or outside the church…

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The Lord of Hosts: The virtue of conflict (Toby Sumpter)

Pastor Toby Sumpter discusses what the Bible teaches us about the nature of conflict.

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Life with Netflix and Spotify 2

Our heroes continue their discussion of how to sift through all the art and entertainment choices out there. It’s all about finding the right guides. But how do you do that? Pastors, elders, shepherds, wannabees: sign up for our Shepherd’s Conference here.... read more

Kids’ sports

Kids’ sports. They can be an all-consuming idol, or they can be a fun way to mature, grow, and learn. Or can they? This week our heroes are putting it the SOS test. This leads into a discussion of the ways we can honor the heritage our parents gave us as we... read more

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The Grace of Shame

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