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BLM and police violence

A special episode of The World We Made discussing #BlackLivesMatter and issues involving the police and use of lethal force.

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Church Reformed coming soon

Church Reformed by Tim Bayly coming soon.

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New podcast: Then Comes What?

Warhorn Media announces a new podcast with Tim Bayly.

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Worship as Sinners (Ben Burlingham)

Spirit & Truth, Session 4: Worship as Sinners — Ben Burlingham Audio file This message was originally given on February 21, 2019 at Clearnote Church (Bloomington, IN) as part of the 2019 Shepherds Conference, Spirit and Truth: A Conference on Worship. We worship... read more

Song of the King Psalms 21–30 available now

Buy the new My Soul Among Lions album, Song of the King.

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Coming soon

New content coming very soon. Get excited.

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Pursue Peace: When to fight and when not to (Tim Bayly)

Pastor Tim Bayly discusses knowing when to fight and when not to. (This audio is incomplete)

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When They Have a Dispute: The elders and conflict (Tim Bayly)

Pastor Tim Bayly talks about resolving conflict in the elder’s board.

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Shepherding the Flock: Conflict among the sheep (Max Curell)

Pastor Max Curell talks about fights and conflict within the local church body.

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