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Missouri Presbytery Revoice Report: a close reading (18); Revoice built on one big lie

It’s inconceivable to establishment men that any of their critics has serious motives. Keep in mind that these men of Missouri Presbytery are the establishment of the PCA. It is their job to defend the respectability of the PCA, Missouri Presbytery, Covenant Theological Seminary, and the large wealthy churches around the country whose pastors got their MDivs at Covenant over the course of the past quarter-century.

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Missouri Presbytery Revoice Report: a close reading (15); No, I didn’t mean you!

Revoice calls good what Scripture and our confessional Westminster Standards call evil. Revoice blesses what God curses. Revoice is intentionally promoting schism within the Church, seeking to draw out disciples from among the people of God. They are men who have arisen among us seeking sheep they may devour, and Missouri Presbytery is happy to oblige. Missouri Presbytery refuses to keep watch over these sheep, cozying up to the wolves instead.

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