Here are five planks to be published broadly by Christian Nationalist Party members. As the Christian Nationalist Party seeks to establish the reign of God and codification of His law at the center of our nation and states’ governmental authority, let it state the fundamentals of that rule and law established by God at Creation:

First, we call for the renewed criminalization of contraception and birth control. God’s Creation Mandate to man1 is to “be fruitful and multiply,” and this was the basis of the universal condemnation of birth control across Christendom until well into the last century. Christendom’s former criminalization of all artificial forms of pregnancy prevention must be restored.

Second, we call for the repeal of all laws which place man and animal on a level, whether implicitly or explicitly. God’s Creation Mandate is that man alone was created in His Image and likeness, and thus God brought animals to man to be named, commanding him to take dominion, to “rule over” them. Any assessment of environmental impacts must start with the good of man, and proceed from there to other living beings.

Third, we call for the criminalization of sodomy and sodomite marriage. God’s Creation Mandate is that sex is permitted only within heterosexual marriage, and thus this sin is an abomination before God. Jesus reiterated this when He Himself said, “He Who created from the beginning made them male and female.”

Fourth, we call for the removal of the female sex from holding and exercising civil authority over men. God’s Creation Order and Mandate is Adam first, then Eve. Reiterating this Creation Mandate, the Apostolic command was given that woman is not to be allowed to exercise authority over man.

Fifth, we call for the repeal of all no-fault divorce laws. God’s Creation Mandate is that marriage is one-man and one-woman, and life-long. We call for the criminalization of all betrayals of marriage as God established it in the state of perfection, universally binding on man for all time.

Announcing such a simple Biblical platform for the Christian Nationalist Party will make it clear to all men that Christian Nationalists do not seek the political establishment of any church or denomination, but merely the return of man and nations’ obedience to God’s Creation Mandates which He Himself applied to all men in all places across all time.

By definition God’s Creation Mandates are non-sectarian. Commanded by God before the Fall while man was in the Garden of Eden in the state of perfection, they have never been, nor can they ever be, abrogated. Zeal for God’s Creation Mandates will permeate the foundations of our movement governmentally. We seek to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, and therefore will not stop with the establishment of these laws and their authority over just our own United States, but will pursue their establishment and authority across the entire world.

Christian Nationalism is really a misnomer. In fact, our work establishing the Kingdom of God on earth is at its heart transnationalist. God’s Creation Mandates were given prior to God’s Moral Law, and therefore their codification is mandatory to any beginning attempt to reinstate the authority and rule of God over all His Creation.

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1At Creation, God named our race “adam” or “man,” inclusive of both male and female. Thus here in this platform, the Christian Nationalist Party will use the very name God named us, using it as He did—inclusive of both man and woman.

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