Since I am called by God to feed and protect His sheep, knowing well my weaknesses, fears, and temptations, I recommit myself to zeal in my pastoral duties. To that end, I make the following resolutions:

  1. I will study and pray to grow in the love and fear of God.
  2. I will teach the love and fear of God to His sheep.
  3. I will guard my responsibility and authority to choose my flock’s food and drink. I will not cede that responsibility and authority to any other.
  4. I will provide my sheep green pastures and still waters so they’re not tempted to wander, seeking better pastures and waters out from under my watch-care.
  5. I will study the social media, podcasts, videos, movies, and books my sheep consume so I am better able to protect them.
  6. I will be vigilant to guard my sheep from all the famous and wealthy super apostles seeking to make my sheep their disciples.
  7. I will study how to recognize and warn my sheep against false shepherds who promise, “Peace, peace, where there is no peace.”
  8. When false shepherds seek to eat my sheep, I will warn my sheep against them, raising my voice so my sheep run for their lives.
  9. I will preach to my own sheep personally and tenderly, paying particular attention to their temptations, fears, and sins.
  10. I will heed and apply Scripture’s warning, “They are not all Israel who are from Israel,” preaching for new birth within my flock.
  11. I will preach the Gospel faithfully, gauging my faithfulness and God’s blessing by whether or not lost souls cry out, “Brothers, what shall we do?” To which I will respond, “Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.”
  12. I will guard myself against preaching God’s mercy without God’s wrath, grace without law, faith without repentance.
  13. I will lead, teach, and rebuke my elders faithfully, entrusting my reputation and my family’s security to the Chief Shepherd.
  14. When the rich man asks me to lunch, I will pay—for both of us.
  15. I will not tell my elders to give me a raise. I will not make hints or complain about money. I will pray about money. I will be content.
  16. I will never fail to warn my sheep before administering the Table of our Lord. My warnings will emulate those John Knox and John Calvin gave their Geneva congregations during the Reformation.
  17. In every wedding I officiate, I will require that the bride vow she will “obey” her husband.
  18. I will ask that memories of the deceased be shared at visitation or during the family gathering, and not during the worship service. This worship service itself will be called a “worship service testifying to the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” not a “memorial service” or “celebration of life service.” I will place the formal eulogy immediately prior to the beginning call to worship/opening prayer of the funeral service. The liturgies of the funeral and graveside committal services I officiate will be taken from a traditional or historical book of worship
  19. I will study repentance for my own many sins.
  20. I will be known for asking others to forgive me, particularly my wife and children.
  21. I will read over these resolutions every week, reminding myself of these commitments.

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