It is hard to say no in any context—especially to our children. Saying no is perceived as a denial of the power of God, a moralistic unkindness, or a lack of compassion. Regardless, we must be prepared to say no—as God does to us in His Word.

In this episode of Out of Our Minds, Mary Lee Bayly joins her husband and our other fearless host, Andrew Henry. Along the way, they discuss the difficulty and importance of saying no to job opportunities, promotions, and our children’s opportunities (music, sports, etc.). The “no” rooted in Christ is part of our mission. There are times when couples should take defensive actions against their children for the sake of the marriage. Husbands must be prepared to say no; a husband who never says no to his wife is refusing to acknowledge his stewardship of the marriage. These topics and much more…

Out of Our Minds Podcast: Pastors who say what they think. For the love of Christ and His Church.

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Intro is Psalm of the King, Psalm 21 by My Soul Among Lions.

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