Here is a Chinese translation of Daddy Tried:爸爸盡力了_ 戰勝做父親的種種失敗

The translation was done by Mrs. Jason (Chen) Chen during all her free time while raising her three babies and toddlers, as she and her husband plant a Chinese church in Bloomington.

Chen did this as an act of love for her brothers and sisters in China and Taiwan. She wasn’t asked, but offered and completed what she offered. Quite rare today.

If you would like to thank Chen for her loving service to the souls who will be helped, send Pastor Jason Chen an email.

Chen’s work on Daddy Tried has been such an encouragement as I teach the class here in Taipei at China Reformed Presbyterian Seminary. The book is one of the texts for the class and it’s been very helpful to the students, two-thirds of whom are women, one-third men getting their MDivs, two-thirds online, one-third over in China, thirty-two students in all.

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