Mary Lee and I are looking forward to our second week worshipping with KB Riverside Church here in Yilan County, Taiwan, later this morning. We’ll be here through May. We’re living in an apartment adjoining the home of Rev. Dr. Joel Linton and his wife, Judy, along with their two youngest children still at home, Sarsha and Saran. We are enjoying their comfortable apartment; but even more, the friendship and fellowship with the Lintons next door.

This past Thursday I taught for the first time at Chinese Reformed Presbyterian Seminary an hour or so northwest in Taipei. Good class. Twenty-eight or so students with three-quarters on Zoom and seven or eight in person. Half the Zoom students are asynchronous, meaning they aren’t online engaging with the class, but watch a recording later.

That as an introduction to this testimony from last week’s worship service. It was a great encouragement to my faith and I asked permission of Mr. Li to publish it here on Warhorn. He was kind and agreed. Mr. Li and his wife joined KB Riverside Church during the Christmas service back in December.

* * *

with Mr. Li in front of KB Riverside Church, Yilan County, Taiwan

I am so honored to be here. All glory to God!

I’m from a traditional Buddhist family—all my relatives are devout buddhists. We worshipped our ancestors. We worshipped at all the temples.

At work, all my colleagues worshipped idols. I worked for a very advanced pharmaceutical company and as a company we worshipped idols and asked for peace.

My company sent me to Yilan County to set up a new factory. In order to establish a new factory, one of the very first things I did was to go pick out a nice piece of wood and I found a famous sculptor. Just as we read in Isaiah 44 this morning, I crafted an idol. It took half a year to sculpt that piece of wood into a Land god and we put it into a specially crafted temple. This was MY JOB.

It’s my major sin. Every morning I worshipped idols. Every new moon and full moon we worshipped idols.

Then my parents passed away and I started wondering: why aren’t my idols “working?” Are they for real?

We borrowed a Bible and my wife and I began reading it. Then we went to a church and slowly began understanding Christianity.

Then whenever we felt down or faced difficulties, we took out the Bible and read it. And my wife liked hymns. She liked to listen to hymns and cry. She’s a cry baby. [Mr. Li smiled and the congregation laughed.]

When we began considering becoming Christians, all the relatives began giving us pressure because it meant we would not be worshipping our ancestors anymore.

So we began researching and realized Christians do honor our ancestors. What’s more, we as Christians honor our ultimate Source…not just our ancestors in the last couple of generations. We are created by God. So we are really honoring our Source. So now we tell our relatives, we are honoring our ultimate Beginning Source. We tell them we won’t be worshipping our ancestors, but we worship the Creator of all things.

So we started attending a church for a year. It met on Saturdays. We began to see that what they preached was different from the Bible.

Then God took pity on us.

We weren’t sure what we were doing, but my wife and I started driving in a part of town we had never been to, and we ended up at the doorstep of the church elder here! The elder’s wife and their daughter Meeni came out and the child was sooo polite and we chatted and that’s how we were brought to KB Riverside Church.

On our very first Sunday here, we saw ALL the kids and they made such an impression on us. Why are these kids different from the children running around at the temples? So different. Such happy kids. And all the friendly brothers and sisters. It felt like Christians were a big family. The pastor and his wife were so friendly to us.

We believe the Bible is the Truth.

May God forgive me for sculpting idols.

I’m 60. I was in business for 30 years. In the past we felt like we were working for somebody else. Now I have quit my job and my wife and I have changed our religion. We forfeit our past. We will live totally different lives for the rest of our lives.

We have an unexplainable joy. We are really happy.

You are all still young. My regret is knowing God too late. So all you young folks, you’re so blessed because you haven’t had as much time to live a life of sin. We used to have insomnia. After believing in Jesus… we are at rest. We love the Sabbath.

People are asking us why are we so joyful? We broadcast our joy to others that they may see our faith.

It is the righteous that have true joy.

* * *

DeepL translation:

玛丽-李和我期待着今天上午晚些时候在台湾宜兰县的KB河岸教会进行第二周的敬拜。我们将在这里呆到五月。我们住在与Joel Linton牧师和他的妻子Judy的家相邻的公寓里,还有他们两个最小的孩子,Sarsha和Saran还在家里。我们很享受他们舒适的公寓;但更多的是与隔壁的林顿夫妇的友谊和团契。



* * *







然后我的父母去世了,我开始想:为什么我的偶像没有 “工作”?他们是真的吗?


然后每当我们感到沮丧或面临困难时,我们就拿出圣经来读。我的妻子也喜欢赞美诗。她喜欢听赞美诗,喜欢哭。她是个爱哭的孩子。[李先生笑了,会众也笑了] 。














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