At long last, we’ve made some improvements to our online bookstore:

  1. There’s now a nice little link at the top of our website that says “Bookstore.” Try it out! It will take you straight to the books which you can purchase directly from us.
  2. Which books can you purchase directly from us? Any book published by Warhorn (finally). This includes older releases like The View from a Hearse and Peace & Holiness. It includes all books by Tim Bayly, like Daddy Tried and Church Reformed. It also includes our newest releases, like The Helpful Marriage Book and Who Is Jesus?
  3. Some products feature a Name Your Price option. For instance, we’re offering ebooks of Abortion and the Church for free, but you can feel free to pay us more than that—as much as you want, in fact 🙂

Our long-term goal is to move sales away from conventional channels like Amazon. There are a few reasons for doing so:

  1. When you buy directly from Warhorn, we get more of the sale than if we sell through Amazon. For example, if you buy Who Is Jesus? on Amazon for $10, Warhorn sees less than 50¢ of that sale. Seriously. Compare that to buying from our Warhorn bookstore, where your $10 purchase of Who Is Jesus? gives Warhorn roughly $3–$5. Which would you rather support? Amazon or Warhorn?
  2. We don’t really trust Amazon. Our book The Grace of Shame has already been mysteriously in and out of availability on Amazon, with no explanation. It’s currently available on Amazon, but it may not be tomorrow.
  3. We have more freedom to do what we want with our products when we manage our own sales, which benefits you. For instance, when you buy a physical copy of almost any of our books, you automatically get access to free downloads of all electronic formats of the book as well. We figure, if you buy the hard copy, why shouldn’t we give you the digital versions too? Try it out today with a purchase of Behold My Heart, which would make a great Christmas gift for a friend or family member. You can give them the paperback and download the digital versions for yourself!

We hope to continue making improvements to the bookstore. We know it’s still not perfect. Please be patient with us as we continue to make it more user friendly, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you believe in the work we’re doing and would like to see our resources become even more accessible, please consider donating to our end-of-year fundraising campaign.

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