Dear readers and subscribers,

Below you will find Pastor Jake Mentzel, president of Warhorn Media, asking for your support as we approach the end of the year. We need to receive gifts of at least $60,000 this year to sustain this ministry into the new year, 2023.

If you appreciate our work and believe it would honor God to join us in this work, financially, please read what Jake says below and do your part. We work on a shoestring. I have made my own contributions—obviously in time, but also Mary Lee’s and my monthly support of them.

You may wonder why I contribute money to Warhorn when I myself receive financial support through Warhorn?

Here are the details: Twenty-five or so of you support me through Patreon and one church gives $400 a month in support of my podcasting, adding up to about $1,100 a month in financial support directed to my work, specifically.

I take none of it.

Gifts, Patreon support, and royalties under my control all go for the financial needs of Warhorn— the men who do the editing, typesetting, recording, planning, shipping, marketing, and bookkeeping which sustains our frontline work that is more visible.

So please give. Give now so we can end the year in the black.

This is a teaching ministry, and if you and yours have benefitted from it, remember the Biblical principle:

The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him. -Galatians 6:6

Warmly in Christ,


Dear friend,

Since we got started just a few years ago, we’ve released thirteen books, twelve albums of music, and countless hours of podcast episodes that have accumulated over a million downloads. And we continue to grow, year over year.

Just this past year, we’ve given you:

And you know us. We’re already working on 2023:

  • The Ville: The Final Season
  • Chip and Lance, Season 3
  • Sanity on the Scene, Season 2
  • A revamped Out of Our Minds
  • And, of course, new book projects, alongside the weekly podcast episodes you look forward to

In return for all of this, I’d like to ask one personal favor:

Stop for a minute, and ask yourself what you’d do to keep Warhorn from disappearing.

That’s what we face at the end of each year. We make our budget in faith. We plan our content in faith. We depend on God to provide for us through people like you. And He always delivers. Through you.

But it’s always nip and tuck. This year is no exception.

In order to account for rising costs across the board, our projections say we need to bring in $60,000 by the end of the year.

This is completely doable. Of course, we could break it down. One person could give all $60K. 6 people could give $10K. 10 people could give $6K. And so on.

But we’re asking you to consider what you would give if you knew that Warhorn’s continued existence depended on you. Because it does.

We love you. We’re grateful for you. We’re going to keep working for you as long as God allows.


Stay sane out there,


Give Now
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