Oh my, it seems likely the Supreme Court of the United States is about to overturn Roe v. Wade! So thankful to God, and the justices.

As I tweeted just a few minutes ago, “This will not be any return to the sanctify of unborn life, but it will repeal the largest roadblock to that return, putting the lives of the little ones squarely on the shoulders of our state rulers. May God grant us this long-prayed-for-and-much-anticipated first step!”

Here’s the draft of Alito’s majority opinion just leaked to Politico.

May God have mercy on our nation. For the past six months we have been working on an Evangel Presbytery document on the church and abortion that is over 60,000 words long. By God’s providence, it seems like God inspired this work precisely for release immediately following the reversal of Roe v Wade. In retrospect, it appears likely this document will be very helpful in a likely post-Roe world, showing the church a way forward when the protection of the little ones is returned to the jurisdiction of each state.

Please pray for this work. I’m as eager for its release as anything I’ve ever been a part of.

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