The Grace of Shame has been censored on Amazon. Just like that. And no, we weren’t notified. It just happened. Now, if you try following a link to what used to be the product page, instead of finding a book on biblical sexuality which reviewers had given an average of 4.5 stars, you get a cute invitation to “Meet the dogs of Amazon.” Seriously. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect illustration of the deceptive tyranny of censorship. Nothing to see here!

Of course, we’re not exactly surprised this happened. In fact, the book’s removal was incidentally discovered by its author Tim Bayly as he was tweeting on censorship and trying to link to the book:

Censorship is one reason we’ve been seeking to move more sales over to our own website. We’ve taken one more step in that direction today by making the paperback edition of The Grace of Shame available over on the Warhorn store. We’ve made it 15% off through the end of April, so get your copy today!

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