The Helpful Marriage Book is officially available! We’ve been looking forward to releasing this one for a while.

After four decades of pastoral ministry and thousands of hours counseling hundreds of married couples, Tim Bayly and his wife Mary Lee boil down some of their most helpful wisdom on marriage. And everything is on the table: birth control, fighting with your spouse, what books to read together, approaching physical intimacy when emotional intimacy is sorely lacking, dealing with sexual abuse, raising kids who love God, confessing sin, and much more.

This book is practical without pretending like it can solve all your problems in ten easy steps. It also doesn’t apologize for Scripture’s clear teaching on sexuality. In fact, it shows why obeying God’s differing commands to men and women is essential for building a healthy marriage. In other words, unlike most marriage books out there, this one is actually helpful.

Warhorn gets the most benefit if you purchase directly from us. Of course, the book is also available on Amazon. (Official release date is April 1, so it’s only up for presale on Amazon, but Warhorn is already fulfilling orders. 👍🏻) If you’re interested in buying in bulk for churches or other ministries, please contact us.

The writing and publication of this book has led to a recent flurry of activity at Warhorn Media surrounding the subject of marriage. The Out of Our Minds podcast did a series on marriage, and those episodes led up to The Helpful Marriage Conference, which took place in Indianapolis on March 4th and 5th. Check out the conference audio here.

Marriage is hard, but we hope by God’s kindness that The Helpful Marriage Book will make it a little easier.

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