Man and Woman in Christ now available (including free electronic versions)

Man and Woman in Christ now available (including free electronic versions)

We are pleased to officially announce the release of Warhorn Media’s republication of Man and Woman in Christ by Stephen B. Clark. You can read about why we put time, money, and energy into republishing this 41-year-old book here. During the month of April, we ran a campaign to raise funds to print a redesigned hardcover. We received interest far beyond what we expected, so we asked the Lord, set our sights higher, and managed to raise enough money to produce high-quality electronic versions of the book in addition to the hardcover.

The hardcover is available right now on Amazon. You may be surprised at the $60 price tag. Let’s just say, it costs more than you think to publish a book. That price is normal for books of this length, depth, and quality, and there’s a reason. Believe it or not, we’re barely breaking even selling it for that price on Amazon. And that’s not even taking into account the countless volunteer hours devoted to producing the book. (As an alternative, we also could have had it printed much more cheaply and provided you with a book which would have fallen apart after one or two openings, but we weren’t too excited about that.)

If you still can’t handle the price, we’ve got good news. Since our goal in the first place was to get more people to read this book, and since the Lord was kind to help us raise over and above what we expected, we’re offering a complete web version of the book for free online at, where you can also download the book for free in electronic formats (PDF, EPUB, Mobi/Kindle).

Of course, it helps us out if you actually purchase the book, so we ask that you consider doing so. We guarantee you won’t regret it. We believe the hardcover will be an invaluable resource in your library, especially if you’re a pastor or elder. If you want to buy directly from us, please contact us. Direct sales through Warhorn are more financially beneficial to us than sales through Amazon, and we’d especially love to see teachers and/or students take advantage of volume discounts for classes wanting to use the book for ministry training. If you want to buy an ebook (like Kindle or EPUB), those are available too.

If you don’t want to buy the book, but would like to support the ongoing work of Warhorn Media, you can do so at

It’s our hope and prayer that this book will play a part in strengthening another generation for living out God’s distinct callings for men and women made in His image.

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Alex McNeilly is an assistant pastor at Christ Church Cincinnati. Before that he was the pastor of Clearnote Campus Fellowship at Indiana University–Bloomington. He is married to Dani, with whom he is working to sustain a healthy population of redheads in southwestern Ohio.


Joseph Bayly is the founding pastor of Christ Church in Cincinnati, OH, and acquisitions editor for Warhorn Books.

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