Preachers during the Second Great Awakening used emotional manipulation to “convert” the masses, and Reformed pastors have been leery ever since then about appeals to emotion. But a pastor must preach to both the mind and the heart. In the Reformed world, we place a very strong emphasis on truth and doctrine, and that’s all to the good… unless we become tin men who are incapable of actually loving another human being.

As you listen to this conversation, you’ll notice that we spend a lot of time talking about sexuality (which, if you know us at all, is not surprising), and you may think that we’ve left off talking about pastoral leadership as it pertains to this issue of the mind and the heart. But keep your eye on the ball, because really what we’re doing is opening up a case study to help us understand the issue better. There is nothing more objective than “He made them male and female,” but these days, we can’t even have separate bathrooms for men and women.

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