Faithful Worship, Faithful Preaching

Faithful Worship, Faithful Preaching

Today’s episode is a continuation of the discussion we had last week about Christian worship. There’s interplay that always exists on a Sunday morning between the worship and the preaching. Does faithful preaching lead to faithful worship, or vice versa? How about both?

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About The Authors


Lucas Weeks is an associate pastor at Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington, Indiana. He's married to Hannah, and they have some children. They like their children.


Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church since 1996, Tim and Mary Lee have five children and lots of grandchildren. Tim's books include "Daddy Tried," The Grace of Shame," "Church Reformed," "Elders Reformed," and soon a book on marriage. Tim spent ten years in the PC(USA) and twenty in the PCA. He's now a member of Evangel Presbytery.


Max Curell is associate pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington. He is married to Annie and they have 3 children.


Jody Killingsworth is worship pastor at Trinity Reformed Church Bloomington and lead singer/songwriter of My Soul Among Lions.

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