“Life everlasting.” This might simultaneously be the most popular and the most unpopular teaching of Christianity. For some, the prospect of life after death is a fantastic relief. For others, it is an unspeakable terror.

On Judgment Day, when the bodies of the righteous and of the unrighteous are raised from the dead to be reunited with their souls, there will be a clear, undeniable, and irrevocable division between those who have obeyed and those who have disobeyed the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Those who have repented of their sins and believed in Jesus Christ will enter into everlasting joy and peace in the presence of their Lord, their Savior, their Shepherd, their King, their Brother, the Lover of their souls. They will have the everlasting pleasure of seeing His face continually, of being free from sickness and suffering, and of having every tear wiped from their eyes by God’s own loving hand.

But those who have refused God’s gracious call to repent and believe will depart into everlasting darkness and torment. All the joys of this life, which they took for granted, will be removed, and in their place will be everlasting suffering and punishment by fire.

Let us humble ourselves willingly under the reign of Jesus Christ in this life, so that He may exalt us at the proper time, that we might live and reign with Him in the life to come.

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